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Can Indians Visit Pakistan? Full Pakistan/India VISA Guide

Because I’ve been to Pakistan three times from India and vlogged the entire trip, a common question I get from Indians is, “How can I visit Pakistan?”

Many Indians are interested in visiting what used to part of India. And likewise, Pakistanis are inquisitive about going to India – when I was there many asked me what India is like (I’ve answered that question).

Can Indians Get Tourist VISAs for Pakistan?

The short answer is no.

Indians are only eligible for business, pilgrim or Visitor Visas to Pakistan. The pilgrim VISA allows Indians to visit 15 sites in Pakistan for religious tourism – they will be given a visitor visa. The Visitor Visa is granted if you have close family members or friends in Pakistan and you can only visit a maximum of 5 cities for 3 months.

While the pilgrim visa sounds easy, it’s not guaranteed and Indians and according to reports, Pakistanis have had their requests rejected.

Faisal Mosque, Islamabad, Pakistan
Faisal Mosque, Islamabad, Pakistan

Why Can’t Indians or Pakistanis Get Tourist VISAs?

It’s to do with India and Pakistans relationship. Their relationship has been plagued by hostility and suspicion since partition. Until that changes, it’ll be difficult to travel to each other’s countries.

Both countries are paranoid about each others’ citizens being spies. Even I faced an issue with the Intelligence Bureau watching me while I was in Pakistan – and I have a New Zealand passport.

Visa agreements are reciprocal. Pakistanis can only get the same visas available to Indians. For full information see the India-Pakistan Visa Agreement, 2012.

Your Only Real Option to Visit Pakistan

All Indians and OCI cardholders can visit a small slice of Pakistan with the Kartarpur Corridor. I’ve written a full FAQ on how to visit Kartarpur.

Misinformation Online About VISAs

An Official Pakistan Government website says, “Tourist Visa: A non-extendable tourist visa valid for 14 days is issued by Pakistan High Commission, New Delhi” This out of date and the information is not valid anymore, we called the Pakistan High Commission, New Delhi and verified that.

Let’s hope that one day this agreement gets updated and Indians and Pakistanis can enjoy each other’s countries! The more we meet each other and realise we are brothers, the better the relationship will become.

By Karl Rock

Karl Rock is a Hindi speaking expat who left his career and life behind in New Zealand to take viewers behind the scenes of incredible India.

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Hi I Amandeep I want Pakistan visa in Indian passport ca n you tell me how I get the Pakistan visa in Indian passport

Hi Karl, you have inspired me so much. I love watching your videos. I am turning 50 shortly and going to take traveling seriously and with passion for rest of my life and your inspiring videos are one of the reason. Thank you.

Hi, i got married in jodhpur,i m pakistan national i haven’t get india’s permanent citizenship yet, if i wana visit my family in Pakistan what to do?

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I m living in kashmir but i m soo curious to see visit in Pakistan very long time but due to bad relationship between india and Pakistan it’s not possible but my question is how can i go to vist Pakistan

I want to visit pakistan for meeting Hindu fimilay
It’s my hearty choice to visit every place of Pakistan where hindu lives

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Hi. I’m talking to a guy online. He was born in India and he has gotten Canadian PR but still has an indian passport. I live in Pakistan and he wants to visit me in on a visitor visa. Would that be possible? 🙁
Please help!! 🙁

I’m an Indian citizen lives in Dubai and want to visit Pakistan I’ve got friends there, what will be the procedures?

i am from pakistan but now in dubai.and my friend in dubai but she belong to i want to invite my friend in pakistan for marriage with me so how i apply pakisatni vizt visa for my girl friend.then she come and we get marriage

I was refused a visa to Pakistan in 1970. I am Indian origin and never lived in india and dont have Indian citizenship. I finally took an Afgan Airlines flight from Amritsar to Kabul. The pland had problems and had to land at Rawalpindi. We were there for about 8 hours.
The Indians were kept at the transit hall with guards but 2 policemen took me on a tour and got me food. I had a very nice time at the airport
One of the first question they asked me was if I was Muslim but i was born and grew up in a Muslim country, Malaysia. They called me brother.

Get invitation from your “dil ka mamla” and also get info from Pakistani embessy or cuonsul the papers you need from your Pakistani dil ka mamla to get Visa.I hope it will help you.

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