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Silent Valley

Top 6 Wildlife Sanctuaries to Get Close to Nature in India

Wildlife Sanctuaries are becoming increasingly important because there is an urgent need to stop the reduction of flora and fauna in India. Most obviously, irresponsible and cruel activities of humans are the primary reason for their quickening disappearance. Thankfully, the Indian Government, realising this issue, has set up plenty of wildlife sanctuaries.

These wildlife sanctuaries display not only a variety of flora and fauna but also show immense natural beauty. Since India is blessed with varied landscapes and vegetation, you will see something new everywhere. So, if you love being close to nature and animals, I’m going to list down six wildlife sanctuaries that offer you all of these.

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The Best Weekend Escapes from Mumbai

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. Home of all the Bollywood celebrities and millionaire businesspeople, Mumbai is truly the city of dreams. Many people migrate here for jobs because most of the top multinational companies are there too.

In this constantly hectic life, you get worn out, both mentally and physically. Nature is undoubtedly the best remedy to heal your soul. Being the metropolitan city that Mumbai is, there is hardly much space to enjoy a peaceful weekend here. But there are plenty of places in its vicinity that are ideal for the perfect weekend escape. Excited to know? Read on.

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Elephanta Caves

Top 5 Historical Caves in India That You Must-visit

India is the perfect place for the explorer in you. There is no shortage of ancient structures here. So naturally, given the diversity of terrains in this country, a large number of caves have been excavated here. Many of these are preserved by the Archaeological Society of India. Some caves do remain unexplored simply because they are deemed to be too dangerous for humans. Many caves have associated religious beliefs to them because, in Hinduism, Gods meditated deep within isolated caves.

So if you’re up for an adventure full of mystery, faith and history, I’m rounding up the most popular caves in India for you.

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Abby Falls, Coorg

The Ultimate Camping Spots in India

There is nothing more serene than camping in a beautiful place in the mountains or near the river or any location where nature has been mostly untouched by humans. You can take a break from the rat race and the technological world and appreciate the simpler things in life. You can just lie down on the ground and look at the night sky filled with stars; something that you might rarely see in a major city

If you need this kind of a break to get closer to nature and have some adventure in your life, then India, with all its natural beauty is the ideal country for you. It’s not hard to find a good camping spot in India, but I’m going to list the prime locations that can offer you much more than just camping.

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Bikaner Fort

Safer Parts of India for Solo Women Travellers in India

India has recently been put under the limelight for its many cases of rapes. Naturally, solo female travellers would try to stay away from this country.

But let me tell you that not all states in India are like that. You don’t have to miss out on your Indian trip because of fear. Pack your bags right now because I’m going to let you know about the best and safest places for you to travel in India.

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