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Behind the Scenes at a Muslim Wedding in India [Video]. Photo © Karl Rock.

An Inside Look at a Muslim Wedding in India [Exclusive Video]

While in Hyderabad, I went behind the scenes at my friend’s wedding to give you an inside look at a Muslim wedding.

Experience the marriage contract ceremony, after party, and watch the cooks in action backstage as they prepare a royal feast!

If you’re like me and love food and want to see more of the kitchen, check out this extended clip featuring all the food being made out the back of the reception venue.

Selfie near the Golden Temple, Amritsar. Photo © Karl Rock.

My Selfie Experiment in India [Selfie Gallery Included]

After being asked to take well over 100 selfies with locals in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka I started thinking, “why aren’t I keeping a copy of these photos too?” So that’s exactly what I did. When someone would ask me for a selfie, I’d also take one with them.

Initially, I didn’t know why I started this selfie experiment. I just knew there was something joyous in meeting someone new, shaking hands, standing with them, smiling together, and clicking a pic.

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The Indian Flag

A Brief History of India’s Independence & How It’s Celebrated

Like many other countries that have fought for their independence from foreign forces, India too has been a victim too. Once you visit our nation’s historical monuments, you’ll know why it was colonised in the first place. After suffering under the clutches of oppression for almost 200 years, we finally gained independence. On the occasion of 15 August, India’s Independence Day, here’s a quick history of India’s colonial past and how it’s celebrated today with as much vigour as it was in 1947.

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East Khasi Hills

An Overview of the States That Make up North-East India

North-East India is a gem that remains hidden because all the focus on Indian travel is given to North and South India. But that does not make North-East any lesser a part of this country. In fact, when thinking about the diversity of India, these states play a significant role. Their culture and traditions are strikingly different than the ones throughout the rest of India.

North-East India comprises of seven states: Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Nagaland and Assam. You will see more natural beauty in these states than anywhere else in the country. Read on to learn more about the seven sisters.

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Women walking in paddy fields

Highlights of the Less Travelled Indian State of Odisha

Odisha (earlier known as Orissa) is a less travelled state in India. In fact, most people assume that it’s a part of the North-East Indian states, but that’s not so. I think that the reason for this confusion could be the fact that Odisha is blessed with as much natural beauty as the North-East.

The state is located very near to the Bay of Bengal and adjacent to the state of West Bengal. It is a land of wonder, marvels, mystery, mysticism, faith and so much more. People often overlook it, but that’s a grave mistake because Odisha can offer you a lot. Here are the top 6 places in the state that will keep you enthralled.

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