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How to Apply for a Pakistan Visa-on-Arrival & What Happens When You Land?

Applying for a tourist visa-on-arrival for travel in Pakistan is an easy online process. Although it’s not truly a visa-ON-arrival as you first need to fill out a quite lengthy form and pay a fee before you fly.

I’ll walk you through the entire process and what happens when you arrive at an airport in Pakistan with your “approval to travel” document (I’ve done it twice now!).

Many people don’t even know visa-on-arrival exists for Pakistan. It was introduced by Prime Minister Imran Khan in 2019.

If you’re Indian and want to visit Pakistan, I’ve written an article about how you can, or more likely, can’t.

Visa-on-arrival length & extensions vs. Tourist Visa

Pakistan visa-on-arrival has a maximum stay of 30 days and cannot be extended.

If you want to stay longer in Pakistan, you must apply for a normal tourist visa which can be granted up to 3 months with up to 6 months extension. But it’s more difficult to get, and you may have to go for an interview at your local Pakistani consulate.

How to apply for a Pakistani tourist visa-on-arrival aka “tourist visa in your inbox”

Since applying for my two visas-on-arrival, they’ve changed the name to “Tourist Visa in Your Inbox,” which is confusing but a more appropriate name.

First of all, it’s not a true visa-on-arrival where you land at an airport and are issued the visa on arrival. You first have to head over to Pakistan’s Official Visa Portal ( and apply to be eligible to travel to Pakistan and receive a visa-on-arrival when you land.

You can’t just turn up in Pakistan for a visa-on-arrival. Hence the name change to “Tourist Visa in Your Inbox”, I guess. Select this option when applying for your tourist visa.

You have to provide a ton of information, including family info and everywhere you’ll be going and staying in Pakistan. But most importantly you need a hotel booking or invitation letter.

If you’re travelling without a tour guide or alone, submit your hotel booking.

If you’re travelling on an organised tour, the company will provide you with an invitation letter and their Govt. approved tourism dept. ID.

Once you’d submitted your application and paid the visa fee, then within 48 hours, you’ll get two emails. Mine both came within 2 hours of applying.

The first is a payment confirmation, and the second is your approval to travel to Pakistan. It looks like this:


Dear Karl,

ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

Thank you for intimating your intention to get Visa on Arrival under Tourist Category. We are pleased to inform that you are Authorised to Travel to Pakistan and seek Visa on Arrival through the concerned Immigration Authority Counter at the Airport.

This is your approval to travel to Pakistan. The email contains your Visa Tracking ID too.

Print this email and carry it with you to Pakistan.

What happens when you arrive at the airport in Pakistan with your approval form?

I’ve covered travelling from India to Pakistan in one of my YouTube videos, but I’ll go in-depth for you here.

When you arrive at immigration they’ll be a booth labelled “Visa-on-Arrival.” Go there.

Present the above email and they’ll take it from you and feed that paper into their printer and print your visa onto the backside! Weird, I know.

They’ll stamp both your passport and your visa paper.

This is what the actual visa-on-arrival they’ll issue you looks like.

I take a photo of that paper right away. But don’t worry if you lose it, you’ll be emailed a “Subject: NOTIFICATION OF VISA APPROVAL” with the information.

It usually takes 10-15 minutes at the visa-on-arrival booth. It seems they do some real-time analysis there on the spot before issuing you your visa. It’s not instant.

In this video I cross on foot from India to Pakistan! I have no idea if visa-on-arrival is available there actually, I know it’s available at airports. Comment if you know!

That’s it. Get your bags and welcome to Pakistan. Enjoy your trip!

By Karl Rock

Karl Rock is a Hindi speaking expat who left his career and life behind in New Zealand to take viewers behind the scenes of incredible India.

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Hi Karl

I am Indian living in NZ. Recently got my NZ citizenship. 🙂
I have friends living in Karachi. I am planning to visit them next year during my India visit. Since I know you are in Auckland these days. Would love to meet you and get some useful tips before I travel to Pakistan on NZ passport. Also Me and my son love to watch your travel videos and big fan of yours.

Please advise


Hey Aman. Pakistan has recently made it easier for OCIs from US/Canada to travel to Pakistan. I dunno about NZ, but hopefully it’s the same for you too. Good luck Bro

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