How to Learn Hindi Faster Than I Did! Full Guide

Do you want to learn Hindi faster?

Struggle with Hindi pronunciation? Genders? Word order?

Want to know how to learn Hindi properly?

Learning Hindi has been a long journey for me, too long. I wrote these posts to simply help you learn Hindi faster than I did. I want you to avoid all the difficulties I went through learning Hindi as an English speaker.

Karl Rock Day 1 Studying Urdu at Earth Diverse with Todd
Me studying with my teacher Todd Nachowitz.

Hindi is a tough language for English speakers; there’s no “fluent in 30 days” here. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, this is the perfect starting pointing for accelerating your Hindi learning and avoiding the stress I went through with the complexity of Hindi.

Here’s a little look at me learning Urdu writing this year. Urdu is a sister language of Hindi. The biggest difference is simply that it’s written in a different script to Hindi. All of the advice in this guide is applicable to Urdu too because spoken, they’re very similar.

“How to Learn Hindi Faster than I Did” Table of Contents

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The Keys to Learning Hindi

First off, forget expensive products like Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur Hindi. I’ve used both of these, and their Hindi courses teach you Hindi that no one in India speaks. It’s not colloquial, it’s not how locals talk.

Both products teach you extremely formal Hindi that people will laugh at and sometimes I’ve found them teaching incorrect direct English translations in Hindi.

In these posts, I’ll show you where to start, and I’ll recommend you resources that I know work.

  1. Learn to Read First!
  2. Learning to Speak
  3. Daily Practice and Get a Hindi Guru
  4. Real-World Practice, Every Day!
  5. Grammar & Vocabulary Dairy

Overcoming the 5 Challenges of Hindi

  1. Pronunciation of Retroflex and Dental Letters
  2. Pronunciation of Aspirated Letters
  3. How to Learn the Alphabet
  4. Gendered Nouns
  5. Word Order


It took me many years to get to the proficiency that you see in my YouTube videos.

I look back and wish I’d taken it more seriously and kept up with daily practice but that’s what it’s like with language learning. Unless you can go to a language school and study a language 24/7, you will have times of inactivity and slow progress.

But what I’ve found is that you don’t quickly forget a language! I can still remember the few words of Hindi my friends taught me at my after-school supermarket job when I was 16.

Now that I’ve shared with you my language learning secrets and the roadblocks I’ve overcome to learn Hindi, I’m confident that you will learn Hindi faster than I did!

I can’t reiterate the importance of daily practice enough. So, schedule in your 1 hour a day to study Hindi and put into practice the recommendations to overcome the unique challenges of Hindi. And don’t stop. You’re on the right path.

जय हिन्द, कार्ल रॉक

If my content has helped you, please leave a comment. Thank you and best of luck with your studies.

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