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How to Rent a Motorcycle in Pakistan (with Prices)

I rented a motorcycle for 3 weeks in Pakistan, and in this post, I’ll show you exactly how I did it, what bikes are available, the best city to rent from, and how much motorcycle rentals cost.

Where’s the best place to rent a motorcycle in Pakistan?

The good news is you don’t have to visit the local motorcycle markets to hire a motorcycle in Pakistan. You can simply rent online via a WhatsApp conversation before you arrive!

I started looking in Lahore and quickly realised the options weren’t great. I also didn’t want to visit the intense motorcycle markets and have to haggle there (If you don’t speak Urdu, you really need a Pakistani friend with you to help there!).

I found Islamabad the best place to rent a motorcycle in Pakistan. It makes sense because it has a major international airport, and it’s the beginning of the many motorcycle trips to the Northern Regions.

So start your search on Google or Google Maps for “Islamabad motorcycle rentals.” I share my rental quotes later in this post.

What motorcycles are available for rent, and which should I choose?

You’ll find these CD70s everywhere in Pakistan! It’s by far the most popular motorcycle.

Motorcycle rentals cost anywhere from $10 to $150 daily for high-end adventure bikes like a Triumph Tiger, Suzuki V-Strom, or BMW F 850 GS.

I won’t cover those high-end bikes here because I wanted the Pakistani experience on a cost-effective and economical 150cc bike. Plus, you ain’t gonna be riding fast here anyway. Although, I’m sure it would be a luxurious and comfortable experience on one of those bikes!

150cc motorcycles, although they seem small to us, they are enough to get the job done even in the mountains. These smaller bikes have limited luggage space, so pack light and bring 2 bungee cords to attach your bag.

Most popular 150cc: Suzuki GS 150SE

The most popular bikes you’ll see absolutely everywhere in Pakistan, and in HUGE numbers in car parks, are the Honda CD-70, Honda CG-125, and then their cheap Chinese clones, the Road Prince RP-70n and United US-70.

See my full review of Pakistan’s most popular motorcycle and its counterfeit clones.
The Suzuki GS 150 SE is a popular and cheap option to rent in Pakistan.

The Suzuki GS 150SE is similar to these but with a 150cc engine. It’s the most recommended motorcycle for long trips because of its low price and repairability. The only downside is the seat is not very comfortable!

Most comfortable 150cc: Honda CB 150F

If you want a cheap but comfortable option, I went with the Honda CB 150F. Because it’s more comfortable and harder to find, the rental companies charge a premium for it, unfortunately! But if you need a little comfort, like me, this is the best option for the price.

After a few thousand kilometres on this bike, I can say the seat is great, and my bottom never really got sore. Unlike on my Royal Enfield Himalayan – their seats suck for long journeys (I just road 7 hours on it from Amritsar to Delhi today).

The only downside is the CB 150F’s suspension is horrible; you will feel all the bumps and potholes.

There are 250cc and above bikes available, but I recommend these 150cc models because Pakistani mechanics know these bikes inside-out. During your trip, you won’t have any issues getting anything fixed on these. Whereas little-known Chinese 250cc or high-end foreign bikes can only be serviced in big cities.

What to know before renting!

Obviously, always check the condition of the bike before taking it.

But, most of us are not mechanics!

Plus, when you plan to leave on a certain date, you can’t really be choosy when you pick up the bike! So, try pickup a day or two in advance so you can do whatever work needs to be done on it.

You’ll probably discover issues with the bike on the first day of riding. I did!

Here are all the issues I had on my trip from Islamabad to Khunjerab Pass.

All the problems I had with my rented motorcycle in Pakistan

During my ride, here’s all the work I had to do on the Honda CB150F:

  1. When I picked up the bike it had a flat rear tyre.
  2. The rear tyre kept leaking throughout the first two days. Turns out it was given to me with a puncture!
  3. When I reached Naran, the bike was really struggling to fire. Turns out the last renter had left the choke open. I’d been riding with it open too. So the spark plug was dirty and needed to be cleaned.
  4. The bike continued to miss fire, so I replaced the spark plug.
  5. The rear wheel’s tread was way down, so I replaced the tyre.
  6. Oil changed at 1000km.
  7. Replaced a broken speedo cable.
  8. The chain guard got disfigured and was hitting the chain. A kind panel beater fixed it for me for free.

As you can see, the bike was a real pain and dampened my trip with so many visits to various service centres.

Luckily, the parts and labour were very cheap! Some of the repairs were even free because the friendly locals wouldn’t take money from me!

Alls well that ends well because the rental company reimbursed me for the work.

How much do motorcycles cost to rent in Pakistan?

I called around the main rental companies in Islamabad, looking for the best prices for a cheap motorcycle.

Don’t forget to bargain! They will come down to meet your budget if they have an excess supply.

For example, I wanted the Honda CB150F, so I told Pakistan Bikers that I wanted the bike for 3 weeks minimum, but my budget was $16 daily. They agreed.

Note: Pakistan Bikers and Pakistan-Bikers are two different companies! Someone copied someone.

Cost per day to rent a 150cc motorcycle in Pakistan

ModelPriceRental Company
Suzuki GS 150 SE$10Pakistan-Bikers
Suzuki GS 150$10Pakistan Bikers (Adventure Planners)
Suzuki GS 150 SE$12Pakistan Bikers (Adventure Planners)
Suzuki GS 150 SE$12Ride on Pakistan
Yamaha YBR 125$12Pakistan Bikers (Adventure Planners)
Suzuki GS 150 SE$13Ride About Pakistan
Suzuki GS 150 SE$17Ride Away Rentals
Honda CB 150 F$18Ride About Pakistan
Honda CB 150 F$21Pakistan Bikers (Adventure Planners)
Table of costs for a 3-week motorcycle rental. Prices may be slightly higher if hiring for less than 1 week.

The rental usually includes a helmet, elbow and knee pads, gloves, and a cellphone holder.

It’s not Pakistan, but here’s my guide on riding in India.

If this post helped you, please comment and tell me about your travel plans and what motorcycle you’re looking at.

By Karl Rock

Karl Rock, is a Hindi speaking Kiwi ex-pat who take viewers behind the scenes of incredible India and its neighbours. He has visited every state and union territory in India, and its culturally similar neighbours – Pakistan and Bangladesh, and aims to make others fall in love with India and the subcontinent.

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