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How to Travel to Kartarpur Sahib via Kartarpur Corridor (Full Guide)

Gurdwara Sri Kartarpur Sahib is where Sikhism’s founder, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, spent the last 18 years of his life. Access to the Gurudwara was cut off after partition. But now Indian pilgrims can access it from India via the Kartarpur Corridor that extends 4.5 km into Pakistan.

The Kartarpur Corridor connects the Dera Baba Nanak shrine in Punjab with Gurdwara Sri Kartarpur Sahib in the Narowal district of Pakistan’s Punjab province.

The Corridor can only be used to visit the Gurudwara, and you can not leave the area and go further into Pakistan.

Sending My Indian Wife to PAKISTAN (Kartarpur Corridor & Gurdwara)

My wife has returned now and she says she had an incredible time and that Pakistan took great care of her. She was impressed by its cleanliness, infrastructure, and food. Now she wants to return there on holiday. Kartarpur Corridor is definitely a place bringing Indians and Pakistanis closer.

Who can use the Kartarpur Corridor?

Only Indian passport holders and OCI holders can visit Kartarpur. Foreigners are not allowed.

Indians of ANY religion can use the Corridor and Gurudwara. It’s not limited to Sikhs. All faiths are welcome.

Pakistanis can visit Kartarpur Sahib; they do not need to use the Corridor.

Map of the Kartarpur Corridor.

How to register for Kartarpur Corridor

Due to the tight security around a corridor which lets Indians cross the border into Pakistan, I’m sure every person will be scrutinised by Indian and Pakistani authorities. There’s a lot of personal information you must give to use the Corridor.

It is also likely that your local Police station will call you as part of a background check. This has happened to some people. The Police will ask basic questions like name, travel date, who are you travelling with, father’s name, workplace, and office location. They’re verifying your identity to check that someone isn’t trying to fake their application. My wife didn’t get a call, but the local Police know her and her father.

If the Police don’t call you, do not worry.

To register for Kartarpur Corridor, visit and apply online. You must register at least 14 days before your visit. Here’s what you’ll need before filling in the online form:

  • Indian Passport or OCI
  • Your blood type
  • Name of your local police station (if Indian)
  • Scan of your passport in PDF
  • Passport photo in JPG format

Beware: Registering for a group is complicated!

The group leader must register themself and the group. Then ALL members of the group must register individually! A group can only have 5 members total, including the leader.

Step 1. The group leader should register and select “Travelling as Group” then provide everyone’s names and passport numbers.

Step 2. Every person in the group must register individually too! But NOT select “Yes” for “Travelling as Group.” Only the group leader selects “Yes” for “Travelling as Group.”

What happens after you register? Confirmations & ETA

After you apply online, you will receive an SMS and email confirmation. Here’s the registration confirmation my wife received:

You have been successfully registered with ID XXXXXXXXXX. Visit for status update.
This is provisional registration, and does not confer a right to travel.

Applicant shall be informed when confirmation is received from Pakistan.

Therefore, Applicants should make their travel arrangement in advance.

Registration Email & SMS confirmation message

Successful applicants will then receive a travel confirmation 4-days before the date they’ve applied to visit Gurdwara Sri Kartarpur Sahib. Ours did arrive exactly 4-days in advance of the travel date.

You will get this via Email and SMS, along with an Electronic Travel Authorisation. This is what we received:

Your registration No (XXXXXXXXXX) for Sri Kartarpur Sahib Pilgrimage is confirmed. You may generate/download ETA through

Visit Passenger Terminal Building Dera Baba Nanak on 01/JAN/2022 with ETA and Passport/& OCI (cited in application).

Confirmation for travel Email & SMS message

Pilgrims must carry the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA), along with their passport, when they arrive at the Passenger Terminal Building.

You download the ETA from After you submit your details, you’ll see the download link at the bottom of the page, “Your Registration Has Been Processed Please Click Here To Download ETA.” The downloaded ETA looks like this:

Sri Kartarpur Sahib Pilgrimage Electronic Travel Authorisation ETA Example
This is what the Sri Kartarpur Sahib Pilgrimage Electronic Travel Authorisation ETA looks like.

This all means you’ll need to apply online and then book your travel in advance without being confirmed to visit the Gurdwara. This isn’t exactly ideal! But that’s how it is. Make sure you book your trip with a full-refund option, just in case you are denied entry.

Is there an entry fee for Kartarpur Corridor?

Yes. Pilgrims must pay $20 USD to Pakistan when entering the Corridor.

There is a currency conversion booth at the Pakistan checkpoint. You can convert INR to USD there. But the exchange rate is terrible. It’s better that you carry USD from India.

There’s a lot of debate about whether this fee is fair. Pakistan has invested a lot of money into this Corridor for Indians. So I feel it’s only fair that they are reimbursed because only Indians will use this infrastructure. It’s similar to tolls on national highways.

Kartarpur Corridor Construction on Pakistan Side
Kartarpur Corridor construction on Pakistan side.

How to reach Kartarpur Corridor Passenger Terminal Building

Kartarpur Corridor Passenger Terminal Building
Kartarpur Corridor Passenger Terminal Building, Dera Baba Nanak.

Amritsar is the major city nearest to the Passenger Terminal Building. Its Google Map’s location is “Shri Kartarpur Saheb Corridor start.”

From Amritsar, you will need to reach the town of Dera Baba Nanak where the Passenger Terminal Building is located. It’s about 48.3 km from Amritsar and will take you about 70 minutes to reach.

What are the COVID-19 protocols for going to Kartarpur Sahib?

The Government of Pakistan has COVID-19 travel protocols in place, so make sure you’re carrying the correct documentation:

  1. Vaccination certificate.
  2. Negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of travel.

They will also take rapid antigen tests of symptomatic travellers on arrival, and positive cases will be advised to return.

Is there Indian cell network reception at Kartarpur?

Yes! You can call back to India. With Airtel, you can make voice calls, and with Vodafone, you have 4G data, so you can video call.

View of the Pakistan Passenger Terminal Building from India-Pakistan border.

What else is there to do at the Kartarpur Corridor?

Nearby the Passenger Terminal is a lookout point where you can see the India-Pakistan Border Fence, Pakistan’s Passenger Terminal, and Kartarpur Sahib – it’s visible on a clear day.

There is a Gurudwara offering langar and various street food vendors around the corridor entrance.

My wife’s Kartarpur Passenger Terminal and Gurudwara photos

When is the best time to visit Kartarpur Sahib/Corridor?

We arrived at 8.30 a.m. on a Sunday and it was empty. Our driver got a car park near the entrance. At 10 a.m. the area got very busy and congested with devotees coming to visit the viewpoint. Roads near the entrance were then closed. Earlier is better when visiting Kartarpur.

How long does it take to get to Kartarpur Sahib from the Indian Passenger Terminal?

It takes 45 minutes to reach Kartarpur Sahib on a good day. That includes immigration on both sides and currency conversion. Arrive early to beat the rush.

Is langar and prasad available at Kartarpur Sahib?

Langar at Kartarpur Sahib

Yes. Although on the day Manisha went the langar and prasad wasn’t served until 1.30 p.m. Prasad also wasn’t available on day 1, but that will change.

Manisha went a second time, and this time Langar was available. They served rajma, mixed vegetable curry, palau, a sweet rice called zarda, pickle, water, and chai.

Can you meet Pakistani friends and take gifts for them?

Yes, when Manisha and I met there the second time we had no issues exchanging gifts. I brought her sweets from Lahore and she brought sweets and pudin hara from Delhi.

Does Pakistan stamp your passport?


Is the Polio Vaccination Mandatory?

Yes, after Indian immigration my wife was forced to take Polio drops. She didn’t want to, but there was no other option. It’s a vaccination.

How often can you use Kartarpur Corridor?

As far as I can tell, there must be 15 days between each booking. I.e. you can visit once every 15 days.

Does India or Pakistan take your biometrics?

Pakistani Security at Kartarpur Sahib
Pakistani Security at Kartarpur Sahib.

Yes, both India and Pakistan will take biometrics from ALL your fingers and thumbs.

Can foreign tourists in Pakistan visit Kartarpur Sahib?

Yes. You are already in Pakistan so you obviously don’t need to use the Corridor. You must take your Pakistan VISA, Passport, and an ID Card.

The Kartarpur Corridor does have a support line

If you have queries about your trip, you can email or call the support helpline on +91 01724111905 or 1100 for Punjab residents.

Enjoy your trip to Kartarpur Sahib and leave a comment if you have any more questions.

By Karl Rock

Karl Rock, is a Hindi speaking Kiwi ex-pat who take viewers behind the scenes of incredible India and its neighbours. He has visited every state and union territory in India, and its culturally similar neighbours – Pakistan and Bangladesh, and aims to make others fall in love with India and the subcontinent.

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We are going to India next month.We want to visit Shri Kartarpur Sahib at that time. We are carrying UA passports. What is the process to visit Kartarpur Sahib via Amritsar for US citizens?

Namaste Ji. You must have either an Indian Passport or OCI card to visit. Foreign nationals are not allowed (yet). If you only have US Passport, you need to take Pakistani tourist or pilgrim visa enter via Lahore.

i thought only sikhs are allowed ….this video was so informative…opened my mind about lot of things…. thank-you so much for making such a detailed and unbiased blog

I have registered to visit there for 25/11 from Mumbai and got a phone call from my local police station for background check. Asked few questions like my name, when are you travelling, if I’m visiting with someone or alone, what is your work and where is your office and dad’s name… kinda a routine check up. Now waiting for the confirmation 4 days before my travel date. Hope i can get the permission. Karl,the blog as as well the vlog with your wife who went their for visit was beautiful and explained everything in a very simple manner to understand the whole process. Thanks and regards πŸ™

Thanks karlrock bro, thank you so much for showing us these memorable movements and this useful information which is very useful for us . Thanks a lot bro

Hi Karl
Thank you so much for the valuable information. I have a question. Can I gift my pakistani friend a New Mobile Phone during my visit to Kartarpur?
Waiting for your reply.

Is the process same for Non- Sikhs wanting to visit the Kar tarpor sahib Gurudwara?
I read , it’s only for Indian Sikhs that a visa fee travel is allowed. Can u provide an insight into this Karl ?

Saif, I’d like to correct you on this. Its open to all Indians and those foreigners holding an OCI card. An NRI is an Indian as he/she holds an Indian passport. However OCI card holders are essentially foreigners with passports other than those of India but of Indian origin.

My name is Muhammad Anees and I am from Pakistan. My village is near Kartarpur Sahib. I welcome you all from India and all over the world come to see Pakistan and Kartarpur. Its your country, your Kartarpur. Thank you Karl Rock and your wife for visiting Pakistan.

Thanks for the information Karl. I was wondering whether an US citizen with a Pakistan Visa would be able to enter using the Kartarpur Corridor?

You will have to come through Wagha Border or Land directly at Lahore. Come with Visa then you can visit other sites too. I am going with family soon.

The entrance fee is for the maintenance of the infrastructure too. I don’t think the government is going to profit anything from it.

Well explained sir and I just watched your wife’s vlog it was amazing just tell me one think , is any indian can go to visit kartarpur corridor or it is only for sikh brothers ? Because I also want to visit this place

Rohit, your US visa chance solely depend on your ties to the country and purpose of visit. It has nothing to do with going to Pakistan. Thousands of people go to US from Pakistan each year on different visas. It has no effect.

Is this route now opened for Indians all around the year? The vlog is so nice. Thanks to you and your wife to share the details.

Is thr any time period For Indians to leave the shrine? also can I stay thr for a week and visit other cities of Pakistan as well?

hi.Karl Brother… i have one Question to u .. i m Hindu not Sikh so if possible to Entry Kartarpur Gurudhawara . ??? i m waiting for ur rply Thanks πŸ™πŸ» from Raipur (Chhattisgarh )

What is the ideal turnaround time from Indian check post to the Kartarpur gurdwara and then back to Indian check post?

Thank you Karl. You and Manisha have done a wonderful job by providing all needed information through the video and blog. By the way, just like Manisha I am also a Haryanvi..May God bless you bothΒ‘

Hi Karl Rock, Very informative blog and also the vlog makes one really wanna go there. Just so as to confirm can I take my 18 months old toddler without a passport (with birth certificate) or passport is mandatory for everyone? Thanks in advance… Vivek Parikh

Thank you for the lovely darshan!
It is so good to do the virtual darshan of such an auspicious place.
Kuddos for you to do that.

Also, i just wanted to understand if either India’s or Pakistan’s authorities stamp or make an acknowledgment on a person’s passport?
Many thanks

Hey Karl and Manisha you people have done a very amazing work in putting up this video. It literally looks as if we are actually visiting Kartarpur Sahib Ji. God bless you guys for this wonderful work. You people have brought happiness to many many people across globe.

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Hey Karl! Thank you so much for this blog! I have started to see your vlogs right from that visit to Pakistan, and it has come to full circle with this video! I love the admiration you have for both India and Pakistan! I have a certain fascination for Pakistan, and will definitely visit Kartarpur one day! And is it possible for Indians to get tourist visas to Pakistan, like cities like Lahore, Karachi etc? Would be a big help if we can. Anyway,

I hope you visit my hometown, Thrissur, Kerala someday and we can meet up and have lunch! There is thrissur pooram, which is a big festival in kerala, it is even recognized by UNESCO, so do try to come!

Hi Karl, I am Varun from Hyderabad. We both have one thing in common, we are kiwis living in India. Kartarpur vlog was great, I am planning a visit soon. Big thanks for all the information given. I hope we can meet up some day and have Hangi together.

Hi karl, I loved the video and thanks for such great information. I’ve always wanted to visit Pakistan, can you please help me by telling what exactly a travel visit to Pakistan will require? By traveling to Pakistan, I mean travel in Pakistan and not only kartarpur sahib.

Nothing special, all you need is VISA then you can visit just like India, most is stuff is more like India as they were original Indian πŸ™‚

Karl, very good documenting whole pilgrimage. informative and you clarified that even foreigners with OCI can travel. Not sure I heard if there is fee from Indian side as well? Can you confirm?

Thank you so much for such an informative blog and video. This will help a lot of people to understand the process. I just have one query, how to get to the passenger terminal building from Amritsar. Can we take our own vehicle and if there is parking available outside Indian immigration building. Thank you

Thankyou for this beautiful informative video on Kartarpur . Please update on how much did it cost from Amritsar to Kartarpur corridor start via taxi (cab) & others means of transport from Amritsar . Thanks in advance .

Are there any eateries in the complex or are there any restaurants coming alongside the road to savour Pakistani cuisine?

Very informative blog thanks.
One more thing to add to your blog Karl is about travelling in group to kartarpur. The registration website asks if you are travelling in group if you answer yes you have to give passport details of your group travelers but just this will not give entry to all in a group.Each member has to also individually register. This information is some how missing or not noticed and causing lot of confusion for travellers. So everyone register each person who wants to travel.

Is there a restriction on how many people can visit the corridor in one single day? because i heard they only allow 2500 people a day

Hi Karl, Just saw Manisha’s wonderful video. Extremely informative as well …so much so, my family is now keen to visit soon.
What if we carry USD from here? Is that accepted by the Pakis?

Very informative blog Karl!
Watched Manu’s vlog which was forwarded by a Pakistani friendπŸ˜€ It gave me goosebumps! Pakistan is on my bucket list but friends and family keep deterring me from making the trip.πŸ₯΄
Kartarpur Sahib looks doable without much issues and I might just do it to test the Pakistani watersπŸ€ͺ
Thank you for the motivation and inspiration through this blog as well as the vlog. Manu is such a delightful girl!
The polio drops come as a surprise though. Not sure why they should be administered.
I have to mention that your trip to Jammu disappointed many Jammuites. You did not visit the best of places for the best of food. Maybe next time!πŸ˜‰

Hi Karl .. very informative video .. I m Padma from Delhi . My family is in Swat Pakistan .. want to meet them desperately and I’m planning to call them to Kartarpur sahib the same day I will visit so CAN I CARRY SOME GIFTS ALONG ? Will that b allowed ??

HI Karl, I want to know if we are permitted to visit only the Kartarput gurudwara complex or can we explore the sites of the city as well?

Hamza from Lahore. such a great blog Thanks Karal for portraying the real and genuine image pf Pakistan to the world and breaking all the myths about Pakistan in Indian people. All of you are welcome here everyday with a big heart amd smile ☺

Karl, I liked your video, but I may the crazy one that you were discussing at the end.
If Pakistanis are so gentle and polite why they carved out separate nation meant only for Muslims occupying two holiest sites of Sikhs? Pakistan’s Father of nation said Muslims can not peacefully co-exists with other religions and mobilised millions in a call for “direct action” which resulted a historic human tragedy. Sikhs were also among the victims who were mesacred and evicted out of there own homeland. Aren’t they same Pakistanis etiquette? It was kind of sad when one of the ranger said “yeh zamin toh banjar tha” meaning a place of such religious significance was deserted by Pakistani authority and only renovated recently when they can see a major income from Indian side of the pilgrims.
I know I am off topic, I am only looking at the dark side of the history but for me its only damage control that Pakistani mislims are doing.
The real “tahjeeb” will be if they can say, we all are brothers and sisters and live together, no separation is required and break the partition they created and merge back with secular India.

Yes Pakistan have got these crazy ones as well who will ask you questions with wrong or manipulated history comments and without any reference.
“Zameen banjar thi”, it was not a big complex like it is built now coz Pakistan has very few sikh minority but they have their gurdwaras as well like Nankana Sahib.
That’s funny they should get united for “Hindu supremacy”. By the way India is on fast track from secular to Hindu nationalism. Unofortunately I have gone crazy as well.

No one talking about supremacy here, I am talking about universal brotherhood in a secular environment. Fact remains, Pakistan was created and declare Islamic to show muslim superiority, isn’t it? Each of my historical references is true and quoted within the context. I dare you to reply point wise. Having said that, I want this discussion to be healthy and constructive. If I am wrong, I get my fact corrected or you do whatever possible for unification.

Hi Aryan, I am safeer from Pakistan. lemme clarify some points for you brother, the carving you are talking about is done by British at that time and like our Sikh brothers have their holy sites in Pakistan we muslims have many holy sites in India as well.
Moreover,” yeh zamin toh banjar thi” that a way of saying that we have had very few visitor at that place before.
I know Hindi and Urdu sounds same but actual meaning behind the words are very different sometime.
I hope I have cleared your point.
love and peace brother.
salam / namaste / sasriakar

Salam Safeer Bhai, I will request you to please check the history from independent sources. Who proposed two-nation theory, why it was proposed and when the British and Congress did not agree, how an entire nation was brought down to its knees to materialize partition.
In the aftermath of partition, the Sikhs had to flee and their number gradually reduced (a typical phenomenon of the minority population in any Islamic country, again check this fact) to such a level they could not take care of their holiest places. Whereas, from another side of the border, we used to look at it through binoculars.
Leave everything apart, as you said, Muslims also have holy mosques on the other side, with so many religious, cultural, emotional bond on both the sides, what do you think, the border is helping us? If the answer is no, let us work together to abolish it, which if successful can help all communities.
Bhai, I mean no offence, I am also similarly critical to fundamental Hinduism / Sikhism. But we can only work towards a more liberal and inclusive society if we identify, acknowledge and eradicate these shortcomings.

This is just amazing. Thank you for such a wonderful efforts and specially video by your wife. This small details will help many in India who want to go and visit this Holly place. Do agree with your wife that such small steps by Political heads help understand common people that its not as bad as its been made out by Media. May be most of us in India is being feed only negativity about them so we all grown up with that mindset. lets hope this small step and many like us who will visit them will bring back positive views about them. Who knows this can become stepping stone for Happy Future for people of both country.

As it said “where speech will not succeed, It is better to be Silent”

I work here in haryana in a local company, doesn’t have a much money, can you please tell me how much money one needs including 20 dollars entrance fee, to visit and buy something from there? Please tell

Where to give the money at the time of entry or At the time of registration through online!
You told something about polio vaccination..Why are they giving it..Which country is doing this India Or Pakistan!

Hi karl bhai and Manisha bhabhi , Ye bataiye ki main apni pakistiani dost se Kartarpur me mil sakta hu?? 7 saal hogye hai .. couldn’t meet her due to border issue. Now I want to meet her and talk with her . Is it possible to meet there in Kartarpur or police/security officers wouldn’t let us meet??

I and my son are British Indian with British Passport and OCI, my wife is Indian Passport holder. Can we all go to Kartarpur Sahib.

Hi Karl, appreciate yiur efforts which you did and out in this blog….
I have a question my friend is sikh and he password is in blacklist from US..can he visit Kartarpur Sahib with this passport….

Thank you so much Karl and Manisha. You have done a wonderful service (sewa.)
I had been googling for information for few days and I was not making any headway.
This is the difference between the West and East (mostly India.) They have spent so much money on this project both Pakistan and India. They have done a GOOD THING.
But out West, process or the plan is documented first before implementation/execution.
Here they get emotional and actually get things done but the approach is very different.
May be it’s my fault that I did not look in the right place but you blog cleared everything up.
Thank you and good luck with all your adventures.
God Bless!

Hi Karl,
I have 9 month old son. I am not sure which doc will be required for him for travel along with me and my wife. Please let me know if u hv any info

Great video and very informative blog. Had a couple of question if you could share in some light if aware about it, would be helpful. 1. Do we have to pay for the e Rickshaw or the bus that one takes to reach the Gurudwara or is it included in the 20$ fee?
2. Is there any hotels or lodge nearby corridor start point or any other stay option if one wishes to reach in the previous night?
3. An individual is allowed only to carry a 7kg bag while his visit, is there is clock room or a baggage counter on the Indian side wherein we can keep the excess baggage? Thank you,

Sir i have no ETA FORM when i fill details in registration status when they say that no record found . Who can i solve this or where i get eta form pls tell sir fast as you can .
Tommorow is my arrival date so pls sir solve my problem

Excellent. Educative. Informative. Useful. Just a few quick questions. I see a huge parking facility. I assume I can park my car there and cross over to Pakistan. What is the parking fee for the whole day? Also, kindly enlighten me, how much do I have to pay for e-rickshaw and bus rides both in Indian and Pakistani side?

Hi Karl, are you allowed to go into ahead into Pakistan from Kartarpur, or do you have to return to India?

Well. I visited Kartarpur yesterday, i came back total 4km by foot..while coming back, i did not take take the bus. It was great.

Hi Karl,
You are doing a wonderful job for our country people, I never thought that someone can provide such good information to fellow Indians to visit to holy shrine. I must say you are taking the stands for Indians and also for foreigners who are willing to visit India with proper guidance, I wish you success in your future endeavors.

I have seen so many blogs but u r the best who gave accurate information about this pilgrimage.i really appreciate bro.keep up the good work.thank u

Hi Karl, thanks for the videos and the guide is wonderful information. One question ; are cameras (videos and DSLR) allowed ?’
Thanks again

I really had a deep interest in going n visiting the gurudwara shahib in Kartarpur , thank you so much Karl n Manisha , this blog n vid gave an idea , will visit it soon!

That was an excellent vlog, thank you so much! I applied for visiting Kartarpur in February, as I wanted to see how things go for a while. I expect to have butterflies in my stomach too when I get there! (If I get the permission that is!). Visiting Wagah itself brings up such strong emotions, being an Indian! Actually setting foot in Pakistan, I am sure it will feel epic!

Do you know what the opening time of the Gurudwara is? (As in the earliest time in the day when we can get to the Indian terminal – considering working hours of both immigrations?)

Hi Karl and rest of you
How does the police verification work? There is youtube video that says police come to your residence to verify you, which is fine. trying to figure out do they call or do they come to your residence in India
I am an OCI living in Uk. Gonna be there in 2 weeks. so was thinking to apply from here, and visit the local police once I get to india.
Can you explain how this works. The police verification part?
Or of anyone else that has applied, if you can share the police verification part it will help I know one person on this blog so far said, he received a call. anyone else? call or visitation. Big question.
Reason I am asking is because OCI not living in india. They have to verify him somehow? So ie being physically present a requirement, after application?

Can we meet our pakistani friends at the kartarpur gurudwara ?? I mean are the people from.pakistan allowed to enter the premises where Indians are present ??

Thank you very much for this informative blog. I am planning a visit and wanted to know the total time taken for your visit from the Indian corridor start to returning back. Do you have flexibility to return when you want from Kartarpur Saheb? Or is it based on when you’re asked to leave?

Can you please confirm on the departure time? I know it’s before sunset, but can we come back anytime we want? I have to travel back to Chandigarh and was wondering if I can leave by 2-3 pm that day itself. Or is there any single time when all the devotees are allowed to come back?

Thanks Karl and Manisha….you changed my view about Pakistan’s completely.
Yes this its true that there are so many evil & bad people around the world, but it doesn’t mean that whole world is bad. we have to explore good things.

Sir, a friend of mine applied for kartarpur gurudwara visit online and on my form, he by mistake applied his picture. I have got a conformation from the Bureau of immigration, but the picture on the ETA is of my friend with my details over it. So suggest me what should i do now. Should i cancel the trip or should i go and talk to them at the corridor at the time of visit.

Hi karl,my police verification has already taken place,so do i need to wait for verification to come in which is going to be 4 days before travel,and not earlier.i will travelling from calcutta so do i need to make my travel reservations in advance or should i wait for the confirmation to come in?
according to you,i should be leaving amritsar by 7 am latest to best the crowds.

Hey Karl,
Can you please share whether the Pakistan Embassy stamped the Indian passport or not?? Although I am aware your wife is an NRI.. but it would be a great help if you can enlighten me on this. Thank you so much ❀️

Hello Karl,
I am an Indian passport holder based in the UAE. My Indian passport was renewed in Dubai. I was trying to apply online for the Kartarpur Corridor but they do not have any international options for β€œplace of issue of the Passport.
Would you be able to shed some light on the same & let me know a way if you can to apply online for the same.

Hi Karl,
I have sent an email to the above email address but here is no reply from their end.
I have tried calling all the numbers on the website but no reply from any number.
Would you know of any NRIs who have visited through the Kartarpur corridor ? Would appreciate if if I can get connected to one of them to know how they managed to apply online.

Hi Karl and Manisha,
Thanks for sharing your experience in great details. Infact, your video and the blog has motivated me to firm up my plans to visit Kartarpur Sahib during my upcoming trip to India shortly. Being an Indian OCI, I would be making the online registration for the ETA in the next few days, and this would be prior to me reaching in India. I am not sure how the police verification will work in this case, since I am currently out of India and will arrive in India only about 1 week prior to my planned date to visit Kartarpur Sahib. If you have any insights about this process, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Thanks Karl.. I’m from Dhempe Travel Blog and I visited Kartarpur Gurudwara with no issues at all on 26th Jan thanks to info on your blog πŸ™‚ Surprisingly, I got police verification call after I already got confirmation and reached Amritsar!

Hi Karl, I had applied for Kartarpur visit in November for Feb 23rd, and I was expecting to receive the permit 4 days before my travel date (today), but I havent received any sms / email. When I check the status on the website where I aapplied, it only says ‘Your registration has been completed successfully. Your registration number is xxxxxxxxx. Please take printout of PDF file’ – this PDF file is the same application which I had submitted back in November itself. Any ideas? Would I receive some information if the permission was denied? I just landed in Amritsar today, wondering how to proceed seeing as there doesnt seem to be any helpline number / counter of any sort here!

Hi Karl,

I think it is pretty clear but just to confirm, Indians don’t need a Pakistan VISA to visit, correct?
Great blog!

Thank you, Karl
For such a detailed information which allows us to be more free minded while using the corridor. Moreover, I really appreciate your work on youtube and your Vlog content is unique.
Keep it up,
Love and support from Punjab.

Thanks karl aap bahot acha kaam karrahe ho
Aapki vice clear hai baat bahot achese smjhate ho
Thanks onceagain…

Hello Karl, I am Indian & would like to meet my pakistani friend who would also be visiting at the same time. Can you please let me know if I can visit for 2-3 consecutive days

Hi Saachi, yes you can meet your friend at Kartarpur Sahib. I don’t know about consecutive days. You’ll need to try to apply for the pass for each day you want to visit.

Hey, thanks Karl, can you suggest any reliable source from where I can find out? The website FAQ’s dont seem to cover this.

Hi Karl,

Just heard the news that India will open registration, website is not updated yet though. Just want to know the time the need to process the application, would you know by any chance, I got less then 10 days till I visit amritsar.


Hey Bipin. I read that good news today too. “Successful applicants will receive a travel confirmation 4-days before the date they’ve applied to visit Gurdwara Sri Kartarpur Sahib. You will get this via Email and SMS, along with an Electronic Travel Authorisation.” So we applied online, then booked flights, and just hoped Manisha would be successful.

Hey Rohith! I arrived a day early and went to Amritsar and took a taxi from there the next day. Please let me know if you find a solution and I’ll add it to the list. Maybe just call a taxi operator in Amritsar and have them meet you at the airport. You’ll need them to get back too.

We have registered for a visit during this month end, however the form does not go beyond where you need to upload photo / passport details. We are a family and the registration of my father is not proceeding, though I have received a temporary registration file number. Every time when I try to complete the partial registration the upload process fails. I tried registering multiple times from start but every time this fails. Worse there is no response from the support team or the phone numbers provided.

Please let know if you have any idea how I need to proceed. Thank you,

Have tried from other browsers and computers already dear but it’s still the same. Unsure what exactly is causing this. Is it possible that I have three temporary file numbers generated for my dad which is resulting in this issue?

Hi Karl. Love you blogs real insight. Can i ask you if you visit Pakistan can you enter Kartarpur Gurdwara. ? What documents do you need. I would only have my British passport with my visa for Pakistan tourist . I am sikh but have no OCI card. There is so much written about using the corridor but what about direct route from within pakistan.

Hi we are planning to visit kartapur..if we reach the Indian terminal by 8:30 can we finish exploring and get back to Indian side by 12 pm or we have to wait till 4 pm

I was trying to fill out the Sri kartarpur Sahib application, but it is asking me for some information that my passport does not have. Since I am an American citizen (I do have OCI Card as well) and American passport does not have a home address, place of issue, and legal guardian name. Can you please let me know what should I do.

Thanks Karl for Detailed information !

This really answered my all questions !!

Can you please share details on timing for Corridor ?

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