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How to Visit Bhagat Singh’s Birthplace in Pakistan

Shaheed Bhagat Singh was born in Chak 105, Banga Village, Punjab, Undivided India (now Pakistan) on 28 September 1907. The haveli where he was born has been preserved and is open to the public to visit.

How to visit Bhagat Singh’s haveli

Located 20km from Pakistan’s third-largest city, Faisalabad, is Banga village where Bhagat Singh was born and grew up.

You can visit a haveli there and see the room he was born in. You’ll also find some of his family’s possessions there.

Bangay Village, Punjab, Pakistan
A birds eye view of Bhagat Singh’s village: Bangay, Punjab, Pakistan.
Drone footage of Bhagat Singh’s village (don’t reuse without permission).

The location of the haveli is on Google Maps, use that to get there from Faisalabad.

Before you go, call the owner Chaudhary Saqib Iqbal +92 345 786 88 66 to make sure someone will be there to open the gate.

At the time of writing, there’s no easy way for Indians to visit, unlike Kartarpur Sahib.

Bhagat Singh haveli neighbours
These are the neighbours of Bhagat Singh’s house. They followed me around while I was filming and asked me to click their photo. It came out beautifully, they’re typical sweet village kids.

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By Karl Rock

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Thanks for showing this and sparing time to write on Sardar Bhagat Singh who means alot for the Indian Independence Movement. You and Manisha are doing an amazing work and we love your Vlogs and also this Blog. Keep up the good work Karl…!!!

Thank you Karl Rock for showing us the place where Bhagat Singh was from. Didnt know it’s now located in Pakistan. No wonder why the present Indian Government never talks of Bhagat Singh. This is not hate mongering but the difference I see in this indifferent political narrative.

Long live Bhagat Singh! Long live Freedom!!

Great to see the video. I also appreciate the Google Maps link. People like Shaheed Bhagat Singh represent the best of the Indian subcontinent. Inquilaab Zindabaad.

Thank you for providing so much info regarding legend Bhagat Singh house hopefully one day I am able to visit this place 🙏👌👌

I love that you showed me Bhagat Singh house, I am huge admire of him, and I LOVE THE PHOTOS OF CHILDREN , They are soo innocent and beautiful soul

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