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The Best Cheap Eats in Kathmandu

I spent weeks in Kathmandu trying all the little hole-in-the-wall khaja ghars (snack houses) and all the top-rated restaurants to bring you this list of the most authentic cheap eats.

I found that most food blogs focused on the tourist traps in Kathmandu. So I spent a lot of time looking for authentic alternatives (some aren’t even on Google Maps!).

I also have the considerable benefit of being able to read Nepali. Some of the places in this list a foreign tourist would never enter because their signs are in Nepali. Those stores are where you find authentic homecooked Nepali food.

My favourite places to eat in Kathmandu

Norling Tibetan Restaurant (Thamel)

Norling’s Chicken Jhol Momo Soup is to die for! रू300.

Norling Tibetan Restaurant is a local favourite. Every time I ate there, I was the only foreigner there.

I was pleased by how clean and super tasty Norling is. It’s on the second floor, and the wind blows in.

Their Masala Papad is excellent, and their Chicken Jhol Momo is a soup with green onion and chilli. Don’t miss trying both.

A juicy Masala Papad (crispy chip covered in tomato, onion, chilli, and cucumber) रू100.

The only warning is, this place is hot as hell. It was the hottest food I had during my time in Nepal. But so worth it!

Western Tandoori (Thamel)

After trying so much average food in Kathmandu for this blog, I was finally recommended the Western Tandoori & Naan House. It restored my hope!

This small restaurant, with a massive tandoor oven out front, and a tiny kitchen out back, is run by 4 brothers who cook and serve, and their parents who man the till.

Their Chicken Biryani is a standout dish रू450. The chicken was fresh and juicy, and rice flavourful.

They’re known for their bread, so experiment with the different naan on the menu and you can’t go wrong with any other items there. Their Chilli Paneer, Chana Masala, Chicken Biryani, and Onion Naan are my favourites.

One of the Brothers who specialises in bread making. Many fillings are available like paneer, onion, egg, cheese, garlic, chicken, and more.

They open around 8am and run till late.

Bhedasingh Khaja Ghar (Thamel)

Bhedasingh Khaja Ghar (Snack House) is named after the Bhedasingh intersection next to it. It’s family-run and they simple and cheap Nepali food. They open at 7am and close around dinner time. It’s my go-to breakfast spot.

Try their chiya (milk tea, chai) and unde paratha (pan-fried bread with egg). A plate of chana (black chickpeas) goes well with paratha.

A plate of chana (black chickpeas) with unda paratha (panfried bread stuffed with potato and covered in egg).

You would’ve noticed in the photos that their signs are in Nepali. But don’t let it scare you. The family running it are very friendly and will help you order. There’s usually English-speaking people eating there who will be happy to help you too.

If you’re curious about how to eat and order at a traditional restaurant, my video from India will help you.

Sudeeksha Paratha Ghar (Pakanajol)

The vibe inside the Paratha Khaja Ghar: Making Chai and Paratha.

If you want some good old fashioned Indian style paratha (pan-fried stuffed wholemeal bread) for breakfast, Sudeeksha Paratha Ghar is the place to go.

Like Bhedasingh, it’s also a snack house with a husband and wife preparing fresh paratha, chickpea curry, chai, and coffee – the staples of North Indian breakfast.

The perfect breakfast according to me! Aloo Paratha with an omelette, plus chai.

Chikusa Café (Thamel)

Cafe Chikusa is a fantastic little coffee shop with great sandwiches! My French chef friend brought me here for lunch, and he scored big time with this find.

Try the Banana, Peanut Butter, Honey sandwich. Their tea is great, and they even sell it by the teapot full too.

Inside the Banana, Honey, and Peanut Butter Sandwich
Inside the Banana, Honey, and Peanut Butter Sandwich रू190. The bread is fresh and unlike any other I’ve found in Nepal and India. It’s a treat.

Inside, the cafe has this traditional wood look and there’s a smoking area out back too. Food-wise, everything is cooked fresh in front of you on the bartop and it’s always a good sign when I see a small menu that’s cooked well.

Their Banana & Honey Pancake is thick and fantastic too रू240.

If you want the comforts of home with 0 spice, this is the best all-day breakfast spot in Kathmandu.

Yangling Tibetan Restaurant (Thamel)

We changed hostels and Yangling Tibetan Restaurant became our go-to lunch spot for freshly prepared momos, fried rice, chowmein, and just snacks in general. Their banana lassi was also a standout!

Their spotless kitchen is on the ground floor, dining on the first.

Besides having delicious food with no-too-hot chilli flavours, you can see in and see how clean their kitchen is. That’s always an excellent sign for me.

Ever Fresh Cafe & Bakery (Maharagunj)

Ever Fresh Cafe & Bakery is the perfect spot to click some pics.

By far the most instagrammable restaurant on this list, Ever Fresh Cafe & Bakery in the very fancy Le Sherpa Farmers’ Market is a stunning place to have a coffee, biscuit, or cake.

Right next door to Ever Fresh are two stores that sell products from different homegrown Nepali brands.

If you want to splurge or impress a date, the Le Sherpa fine dining restaurant is there too.

Kungfu Noodles (Thamel)

While exploring Thamel I stumbled upon Kungfu Noodles. The kitchen was spotless and the menu was all new to me. I’m no Chinese food expert, but all three of us eating loved our meals.

Try #1 Kungfu Noodle Special, #3 Noodles Sichuan Style, and #14 Noodles Wuhan Style.

I know it’s authentic because while eating my hot-as-hell bowl of Buffalo Mince Sichuan Noodles, I met two Nepali guys who work in China. They told me it’s exactly the same, except it’s twice the price.

Chaat House (Labim Mall)

If you’ve ever seen Nepalis standing around a man on the street serving them little shells full of potato, chickpeas, and spicy and sweet water, then this is what Chaat House specialises in!

At Chaat House you can try all the favourite vegetarian street food dishes, except unlike on the street, where they’re hygienically prepared.

My all-time favourite chaat, Dahi Puri रु220.

Share a Pani Puri (shells filled with potato, black chickpeas, spices, and sweet and sour water) and a Dahi Puri (shells filled with the same but instead of water they use yoghurt and they garnish it up).

Paru Thakali Kitchen (Thamel)

I’d been looking for juicy Momos and I found them at Paru Thakali Kitchen. This place is a hidden jem below the Yakety Yak Hostel. They serve freshly cooked Nepali food.

My favourite chicken steamed momos were just रु200 for a large filling plate – they don’t skimp on the filling either! The secret sauce they serve alongside is delicious too.

Also, try their Chilli Momos. Warning, they’re hot!

Hermann Helmers German Bakery (Lalitpur)

Hermann Helmer’s German Bakery is one of the most famous bakeries in Lalitpur (6 km from Kathmandu), having been around since 1978. Although not really a “German” bakery, it is perfect for baked goods and fresh bread.

KKFC (Maitidevi)

A special video entry for counterfeit KFC, KKFC!

Himalayan Java Coffee (Thamel)

Himalayan Java Coffee is a Nepali coffee shop with 30 stores worldwide. Their beans are grown and roasted locally. They do all-day breakfast, biscuits, and cakes too.

Their tea is hit and miss. Their Mandala Street branch make an authentic dudh chiya (milk tea). But other branches are lazy and use a tea bag with water and milk.

The dudh chiya at the Mandela street branch. Cream on top means they’ve used mostly milk ✔. Dark brown colour means it’s strong and flavourful ✔. Whoever made it knows how to make a good chai.

Foodwise, it’s fresh, they use quality ingredients, and they clearly have standards because each visit has been good.

If you’re looking for a reliable cafe during your travels, Himalayan Java Coffee will do.

Roadhouse Cafe (Thamel)

Pizza at the Roadhouse Cafe is the best in Kathmandu! रु800.

If you want the pleasures of home, then the Roadhouse Cafe will satisfy you. Their woodfire cooked 4 Cheese Pizza with local Yak Cheese is a standout.

I’ve been three times and while their chicken burger is average, everything else was great. I’m not sure you can have a bad meal here.

The dining space offers indoor and outdoor tables. It’s a beautiful place to sit and eat. It’s definitely pricer than the other options in this list, but it’s worth it.

Snowman Cafe (Freak Street)

I think the Snowman Cafe has seen better days. Freak Street used to be a famous hippy hangout. But these days it’s nothing of the sort. The Snowman Cafe is the last of this legacy.

Steve and I tried the Coffee Cake, Coconut Cake, Chocolate Brownie, and Black Coffee. It was nothing to write home about.

I include it here because if you want real cake and not the artificial cake you find around the city, this is the best option I found.

Their cakes are moist, made with real ingredients, and cheap at रु90 a slice.

It’s also a good place to hang and smoke if that’s your thing.

Hankook Sarang Korean Restaurant (Thamel)

Hankook Sarang will take you by surprise. As you walk through their doors you are transported into a picturesque courtyard for outdoor dining. It’s not fine dining but it’ll likely end up being the fanciest place on this list.

My meal was a spicy honey chilli rice bowl with chicken surrounded by kimchi, mung beans, carrot, and spinach. Alongside some Korean crispy fried chicken – honey garlic chilli flavour. You’ll also be served 6 plates of various side dishes to munch on. We loved it all.

If you want to go somewhere special for a romantic dinner then this would be a great option – good food in a pretty setting. I’ll be taking my wife there to try Korean food when she arrives.

French Creperie (Thamel)

The French Creperie specialises in buckwheat crepes (thin pancakes). There are sweet and savoury options.

The vegetarian crepes are a little underwhelming, but the non-veg shine, especially the Mountain Killer (bacon, mushroom, potato, onion, cheese, and lettuce) and the Non-Veg Complete with Bacon.

If you want to try a veg crepe, the best one is the Veg Complete (grilled mushroom, onion, tomato, egg, cheese, and lettuce).

Masala chai from French Creperie Kathmandu
Their Masala Chai was a little watered down (as most are in Kathmandu) but I enjoyed the layer of ground cinnamon on top.

I don’t drink coffee but a lot of people rate their French press coffee highly.

The best thing about the French Creperie is actually its outdoor courtyard dining experience. It’s what I imagined dining in Kathmandu would be like. And that experience is hard to find in Thamel.

Wai Wai Sadekho
Wai Wai Sadeko रू120. Wai Wai is the most famous instant noodle in Nepal and sadeko is a snack style of cold spicy salad. It’s very good.

Thamel Doner Kebab

Don’t worry, Thamel Doner Kebab have seating out the back!

Their chicken doner kebab रू330 is big and juicy but I recommend their Avocado Hummus Plate (avocado hummus, pita, pickles, falafel, and fries) रू400.

Organic Smoothie Bowl and Cafe (Lazimpat)

I met Dave from New York at the Thamel Doner Kebab store and his top pick for Kathmandu was the Organic Smoothie Bowl and Cafe. So after downing our kebabs we walked over for dessert.

We were not disappointed! These were the best smoothie bowls I’ve had in Nepal! The photos say it all.

Going to Bhaktapur?

If you’re travelling to Bhaktapur, don’t miss my post on the two must-try foods there: Newari Cuisine and Juju Dhou.

Not-so-good places to eat in Kathmandu

None of the below restaurants are horrible, they’re just not up my alley and I found the food average. But take a look, as some of them may appeal to you.

Cafe Mitra (Thamel)

Cafe Mitra is a decent cafe with ok food. Their atmosphere and outdoor dining are charming and peaceful. There’s also a hangout spot at the very back of the cafe which overlooks a Stupa. Cute place, ok food.

Fire and Ice Pizzeria (Thamel)

Highly over-rated and over-priced, Fire and Ice Pizzeria serves pita bread like pizzas. If you want good Pizzas, head to the Roadhouse Cafe!

Sandwich Palace (Thamel)

Subway-style sandwiches for reasonably cheap prices, but I found it weird that after they made the sandwich, they heated it in the microwave. Sandwich Palace is an average place.

Shandar Momo (Lalitpur)

Shandar Momo was recommended to me as the best Momo brand in Kathmandu. It’s not.

OR2K (Thamel)

OR2K is probably the most famous restaurant in Kathmandu. I ate there while they only had a limited menu, and the food sucked. Maybe it’ll be worth it once they open up fully.

New Orleans Cafe (Thamel)

Himali Kitchen (Thamel)

People rave about the Himali Kitchen, but I ate there twice and I wasn’t feeling it. The Chicken Momos were dry and the Dal Bhat was very watery. It’s an average place.

Little Buddha Restaurant Bar (Thamel)

My foreign friends enjoyed the Little Buddha Restaurant Bar, me not so much. They recommend the Rosemary Chicken Steak.

I had the Chilli Chicken Momos which were hard. It’s a good place for the location and people watching through the window. I’m sure it’s pretty good for drinking too. But not somewhere I would eat.

If this post helped you, please leave a comment.

By Karl Rock

Karl Rock, is a Hindi speaking Kiwi ex-pat who take viewers behind the scenes of incredible India and its neighbours. He has visited every state and union territory in India, and its culturally similar neighbours – Pakistan and Bangladesh, and aims to make others fall in love with India and the subcontinent.

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Thanks for the info…i ll check out your suggestions when i eventually and hopefully return…i was there for my first visit in 1984 and Kathmandu was full of cake shops and bookshops…both have nearly disappeared…any good cake shops you discovered, by any chance? thanks claude

Thank you so much for putting this together, Karl.
I am currently in my dorm at Yakety Yak hostel in Thamel, snacking on a juju dhau. This list has been my Bible the past few days and as I plan my dinner, I wonder what would I have done without it. Thank you once again buddy – lots of luck and power to you. Love from India (hope you make it back home soon). 🙂

Hi, Karl, I am regular viewer of your youtube channel. It would be great to share with you some tips and recommendation on travelling in Nepal. Also I would like to show you around places in Nepal if you are interested. Please email me at hidden (at if you are interested . By the way, I am a Nepali and engineer working globally in area of sustainable development. Since past ten years I have travelled to countries in Asia and almost all countries of Europe. I have travelled Nepal all around.

Hi, Karl, I am regular viewer of your youtube channel. It would be great to share with you some tips and recommendation on travelling in Nepal. Also I would like to show you around places in Nepal if you are interested. Please email me at if you are interested . By the way, I am a Nepali and engineer working globally in area of sustainable development. Since past ten years I have travelled to countries in Asia and almost all countries of Europe. I have travelled Nepal all around.

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