Uber, I Have a Mastercard Promo Issue & My Ride with Your Support Has Been a Car Wreck (Updated)

UPDATE 30/12/17: Uber have responsed saying “In this case, however, since Mastercard offer is valid for Mastercards issued in India, Your Master card issued in New Zealand”. But their app and the promo’s T&Cs don’t say that. Their app is working just fine prompting me and “rewarding me” with free rides that I cannot redeem. Which is what I’ve responded to them saying.

UPDATE 15/01/17: Never heard back from Uber 🙁

I have a simple issue that Uber can’t for the life of them wrap their heads around.

For every 5 rides I take and pay by Mastercard, I should receive the next ride for free or discounted up to 75. But that discount never happens!

Uber Mastercard Promo: every 6th ride free. Not in my case!
Uber Mastercard Promo: every 6th ride free. Not in my case!

The discount coupons just go straight into my current promotions and sit there waiting to expire on December 30. I currently have 7, so 525 worth.

My 7 Mastercard promotions waiting to be used.
3 of my 7 Mastercard promotions waiting to be used.

I’ve checked my trip receipts, and the discounts have not been applied.

One of my sixth rides, it wasn't free or discounted.
One of my sixth rides, it wasn’t free or discounted.

So next stop on this long painful ride, my nightmare contacting Uber support only to receive 5 generic copy and pasted replies and 0 help.

My five different explanations to Uber support

  1. “Hi. I have 5 fee mastercard trips. Why aren’t they being applied to my rides?? I want to use them”
  2. “In the Payment > Promotions part of the app it says I have 6 x 75 rupee discounts to use. See the screenshot attached. Why aren’t these being applied to my rides?”
  3. “Hi, you are not understanding! You are just repeating yourself! I am not getting a discount on every sixth ride! Check my past trips…” (Cut for brevity but along the lines of #5.)
  4. “Hi. You are not understanding! You are just repeating yourself. I have multiple mastercard 75 INR promotions. But they’re not discounting my trips…” (Cut for brevity but along the lines of #5.)
  5. “Hi, I’m getting very sick of writing this email to Uber to only receive copy and pasted answers and no help. My problem is the Mastercard 75 rupee promotion discounts are not being applied to my trips. I try 6 times and pay with mastercard then the discount is added to the promotions tab of the app and then NEVER USED. THEY JUST SIT THERE. I have now collected 7 of these discounts and they never apply to my trips. They’re stuck in Promotions. I’ve attached screens shots of the app saying I’ve earnt another reward, my last trip which should’ve been discounted because it was a 6th trip with mastercard. And screenshots of all the promotions just sitting there in my account. Can you please apply these discounts to my past trips? They should have all been used up by now.”

So what does Uber do? They send me this sentence 5 different times

  1. “…As per the terms of promotion, you will need to take 6 rides using Mastercard payment so as to get INR 75 off on the 6th ride. In this case however, since you haven’t taken 6 rides using mastercard, unfortunately, I will not be able to retroactively apply this promotion to the trip…”

It’s so frustrating. I took six rides and didn’t get a discount. I even took 7 lots of 6 rides with my Mastercard and never received the discount! Please fix this Uber and Mastercard.

By Karl Rock

Karl Rock, is a Hindi speaking Kiwi ex-pat who take viewers behind the scenes of incredible India and its neighbours. He has visited every state and union territory in India, and its culturally similar neighbours – Pakistan and Bangladesh, and aims to make others fall in love with India and the subcontinent.

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