About Karl Rock

Karl Rice, known online as Karl Rock, is a Hindi-speaking Kiwi ex-pat who takes viewers behind the scenes of incredible India and its neighbours.

In his videos, he shares tips for foreigners to help them travel confidently & safely in India and helps people better understand the country. He’s described by the Indian Express as “the modern-day Lonely Planet guide.

He has visited every state and union territory in India, and its culturally similar neighbours – Pakistan and Bangladesh, and aims to make others fall in love with India and the subcontinent.

His free book Learn Hindi Faster Than I Did! helps foreigners tackle the challenges that Hindi has for English speakers, while his videos exposing fraudsters, from streetside conmen to online scammers, educates both Indians and foreigners travelling to India.

He is married to Manisha Malik from Haryana, India. He lives with his wife and her family in New Delhi and loves to make masala chai for the family and share his Indian life on social media.

The purpose of my life is to help others. I make content to help foreigners enjoy their time in India as much as I do. I want them to fall in love with India like I have.

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The Story of Karl Rock in 5 Minutes by Abhi & Niyu.

Hi Karl. I am a Kiwi learning Hindi and wanted to thank you for all your work.

Your blog has been particularly helpful and led me to Hindi University.

You have a great article on where to study Hindi in India, from this I chose Rosemount’s College. I’ve been studying via Skype with them for over 1.5 years now.

This has confirmed my decision to move to India to study Hindi full-time.

I enjoy your YouTube channel. Your knowledgeable recommendations have helped me shape future decisions in life. I wanted to thank you for this.

Daniel Treagust (Australia)

My first time Delhi and I bump into Karl at the airport. That felt like a good omen to me. Mate, your blogs had a lot of great advice in it for a first-timer like me I would recommend it for all 1st time travellers to India.

I’ll admit I was feeling somewhat apprehensive on arrival but my time in Delhi was fun, and the people are so genuinely interested in where you’re from and very friendly.

Also spent most of my time in Kashmir, Jammu which I fell in love with. People were friendly and very welcoming. Some said “Kashmir is dangerous” that is so far from the truth it’s not funny. The people are fantastic.

Thanks again Karl, your advice was spot on and helped make my trip the fun it was. Namaste.

Wobbly Cat (YouTube)

Namaste Ji! I want to tell you that you’ve inspired me quite a bit. My parents call me an ABCD, American Born Confused Desi. I understand why they call me that, I don’t know my mother tongue (Hindi or Tamil) nor do I seem to care about my culture.

But, after discovering your videos, I realized there was SO MUCH more to India than I possibly knew. I always wondered “Why would a foreigner want to live in India?” I realized that the country I am from has so much to offer, and I’ve been disregarding my culture for so long.

I decided to begin learning Hindi, and can now form simple sentences. I decided to join an Indian culture group near me and have shared your work with many people.

You’ve inspired me a lot, sir. I appreciate all the work you do sir, and hope you continue making such good videos! You most likely will not see this, but you’ve inspired me quite a bit sir. Without your blogs I could not get anywhere in Hindi!

Ravi Mani (USA)

I have to tell you, thank-you for your videos and books about India. I just got back to the USA from my 27 day trip in India. I absolutely love India.

Your videos and blogs, and some friends, really helped me prepare for the shock of India. I am not sure how I would have handled it without the knowledge beforehand.

I wanted to thank you, and please keep the information flowing because I am certainly going to come back.

Laurie Anne (USA)