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My Friend Jessica’s Hindi Course (Guest Post)

My friend Jessica Kumar from the Invisible India podcast has just launched her new Hindi course! Below is her story and a sample of what she offers. And don’t miss the very end for a special list of hand-picked Hindi teachers.

Why did I move to India and learn Hindi?

When I first came to India in 2006, I was enamoured with the friendliness and openness of the people of India. I quickly realized that to build deeper friendships, English wasn’t enough to get me past a certain point.

I was working for an IT company in a small North Indian town and found myself gaining speed with Hindi through an immersion program I took. I dedicated about a year and a half of full-time Hindi study along with working. Now, 16 years later, I’m just as passionate about helping others learn Hindi fluently and exploring the beauty of Indian culture.

Jessica celebrating Teej in India.

Like Karl, I wanted to create resources to help others mitigate the mistakes I made, and share my experiences and professional background.

Aside from my podcast and YouTube channel, I have launched two online courses for beginner and intermediate Hindi Students “Hindi Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed” and “Overcome Hindi Pronunciation Pitfalls.”

They are both self-paced courses where once you sign up, you have lifetime access to the content. They include video materials, audio files, visuals and printouts for multiple learning styles. I’m also offering personalized language coaching for those who need additional guidance. 

These courses are designed for those who may be travellers to India, business people, partners of Indians, or NRIs who want to reconnect with their heritage language.

A sneak peak of my Hindi Hacks course

See a sample of Jessica’s course.

There are 5 verbs which I think are the foundation of the Hindi language and really important to learn right away. 

Karna, lagna, aana, jaana and hona

With these 5 verbs, you can construct most sentences that will get you through the basic conversations for your first few months of Hindi learning.

Mastering these 5 will be a foundation for your language capability.

Verbs in Hindi.
I go into more detail about how these 5 verbs are incredibly flexible and can be used to communicate practically anything before you have more finessed vocabulary.

Where to find a Hindi teacher? Hand-picked list!

A list of hindi teachers.
Download my list of Hindi teachers you can use right away.

I’m also very passionate about promoting native speakers who are creating quality resources to teach others Hindi.

So I created a hand-picked list of vetted teachers: Download my Ultimate Hindi Learners Guide for free on my site.

Its 21 pages of information about the best Hindi courses, tutors and programs out there.

My Hindi courses are designed to help you get speaking, real practical Hindi that people actually use! 

Check out and use code KARL for 15% off any of the courses or personalized one on one coaching.

PS. This is Karl; this is not an affiliate link. I don’t make any money. I don’t do sponsorships or affiliate marketing.

Are you learning Hindi? Drop a comment, Jessica and Karl would love to hear from you.

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