Beware! Common Tourist Scams I Found in NYC

New York City is a fantastic place to explore and eat, but you will likely come across scammers targeting tourists. So, let’s break down the most common scams to help you travel safely and enjoy your time in the Big Apple. 1. The Disney Characters Scam As you wander through Times Square, you might encounter […]


Avoid These Travel Scams in Nepal!

Kathmandu is a hotbed for tourist scams. Especially the Thamel area, where most of the city’s hotels and foreign tourists are. You’ll be approached all day long in this area by touts, drug dealers, and seedy dance bar promoters while the Police just stand there. The basic rule is, don’t talk to anyone approaching you […]

India Travel Safety

Travellers Beware, Don’t Buy Fake Water in India!

Unbelievably, counterfeit water is a thing you need to avoid while travelling in India! Bootleggers slightly modify a legitimate water brand to fool you, and the store owners sell it because they earn more profit from this cheaper product. Some of the fake brands include: Bilseir, Bisferi, Bisllari, Beslare, Belsri, Brislei, Blissli, and many more. […]

India Survival Guide

The Most Common Tourist Scams in India

Scams targetting tourists in India happen in all the major tourist cities, especially New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, where most tourists go. You need to know the following before travelling to India! India Survival Guide Table of contents