I Got a Fake YouTube Copyright Claim – Here’s What I Did Next!

Roha Entertainment, run by Sharat Chandra and Shyam Reddy Maruthi in Telangana, India, sent multiple false copyright claims to YouTubers, including myself, Jim Browning, and Deeveeaar. Roha Entertainment is a YouTube Certified Partner and therefore has access to YouTube’s Content ID system, allowing them to send copyright claims for the creators they represent. In this […]

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Karl Rock’s Camera and YouTube Gear

A lot of people ask me what equipment I use to create my videos on YouTube. I’m a very minimal person. I try not to own much equipment or possessions in general. The more stuff I have, the more I have to lug around, it’s a pain while travelling. I still use my first GoPro […]

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India Surival Guide’s YouTube Channel Went Viral!

The last two weeks have been crazy and surreal. My videos were already doing great on YouTube, but then “bass-” posted my Foreigner Surprising Indians with Hindi video on the /r/videos subreddit and the madness began! That Reddit post started a chain reaction, and I ended up going viral, hitting the top of /r/videos with […]