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The Correct Audio Settings for Rode Wireless Mics w/ GoPro

Low is the best gain setting when using a Rode Wireless Go as an external microphone with a GoPro & Media Mod. Watch the video below to see the difference between the 3 gain settings.

If you’ve upgraded to the Wireless Go II or Wireless Pro, Rode has written their own setup manual for the GoPro.

Hear the 3 Rode Wireless Go II gain settings in action with a GoPro Hero 10 Black and Media Mod. No processing has been done to the audio or video.

Rode Wireless Go with GoPro gain setting recommendations

With me talking in a small room, on low, the audio level on the GoPro sits between 18 – 12 dB. When I’m vlogging in the street in India, it’ll peak around 6 dB – perfect! Because I’m primarily a vlogger, I always use low.

Medium is a good setting when talking to the camera in a quiet room because the audio level sits around -6 dB.

High, there’s really no reason to use this. It sounds too hot, and it’s always hovering around 0 dB.

The best gain settings for Rode microphone and DSLR

If you want to get the cleanest audio results with your DSLR, Rode has written a fantastic blog post.

The gist is to set your DSLR’s microphone input level as low as possible because they have cheap and noisy pre-amps and then adjust the level via the Rode microphone.

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