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Where to Study Hindi in India? Best City & School Mega-Guide

I feel like to take my Hindi to the next level I need to spend time studying it full-time, and in India. So I’m planning to join a Hindi school for foreigners in India for 3-months and see where that gets me.

Below are the Hindi schools I’ve considered and visited. These schools all offer full-time courses for up to 3 months per module (beginner, intermediate, and expert). I’ve only considered schools that are professional as I want a well-structured course.

If you just want an introduction to Hindi for a few weeks then any of these schools will be suitable too.


A View of Landour Hill Station
Landour Hill Station, Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a nature lovers dream. It’s an India state covered in forest and is mostly filled with chilly hill stations. It’s relaxing, peaceful, and quiet. The air is clean and the sun shines down. There is a litter problem, but that’s all over India.

Dehradun is the capital city which sits on the plains below the Himalayas. It has a population of 500,000 and similar temperature to Delhi throughout the year.

Landour, on the other hand, is a tiny hill station 35km from Dehradun. It has a population of 2,500 and is next door to one of India’s most popular hill stations, Mussoorie. Temperatures are near freezing in winter but perfect during the unforgiving Indian summer (March-May).

Because Landour is so close to Mussoorie you get a lot of tourists on the weekends. But on the other hand, it has some incredible cafes, a cute market, and beauty all around. I don’t recommend a car if you move there, a scooter or motorcycle is more suited to the thin hilly roads that get blocked easily with cars.

Rosemount’s Institute of Languages (Dehradun)

Rosemount Institute of Languages Dehradun front entrance
Rosemount’s front entrance

Rosemount’s is a neat little Hindi school at the foothills of the Himalayas in Dehradun. It offers full-time courses and they’ll pair you up with other foreigners at the same level as you – else you’ll have one-on-one lessons which are about $125 USD a week (4 hours of class a day Monday to Friday).

One of Rosemount's classrooms
One of Rosemount’s classrooms

The unique thing about Rosemount’s is they also have accommodation available. I went and met the school’s owner and he showed me the accommodation which is 3km from their Language Institute at the Rosemount primary school they own.

If you stay there you’ll be provided 3 meals a day and transport to the school. The owner and his family are very sweet and accommodating. Accommodation costs are around the same price as the classes per week.

I didn’t get to meet the Hindi teacher so I suggest you jump on a Skype call with him and see for yourself.

This was the first-ever video I made in Hindi on my YouTube Channel.

Landour Language School (Landour)

Landour Language School From the Front 2
Outside Landour Language School. Yup, it’s inside a church.

Landour Language School is the most well known Hindi school in India. It was founded in 1910 and it’s run inside a church. They’re known to have well-structured lessons and their very own Hindi textbook.

I didn’t get to meet the owner because I visited in the middle of winter when they were closed (Dec-Feb). But I know people who’ve been there and there are online reviews.

The teachers were all very helpful, patient, and friendly. The focus was on speaking, writing, and reading, and a different teacher for each area. Also, due to the size of the classes (my class had 3 people) and the frequency of classes (class everyday 8-12 M-F), our teachers were almost like family.

From “Living High: A Himalayan Experience” by Nyssa Chopra
Landour Language School
Landour Language School from the side road

Like Rosemount’s, classes are 4 hours per day Monday to Friday but more expensive at around $200 USD a week.

The school has run into problems though. In 2015, 12 of their students were told to leave by the Govt. of India for not having correct visas. This is very unusual. So make sure you have the right visa to study on.


Delhi's Red Fort by Ramesh SA (
Delhi’s Red Fort by Ramesh SA

Delhi is a fantastic place to live and study between October to March. The rest of the year it’s very hot and hard to concentrate without air conditioning. It has everything you can expect from a capital city – food, entertainment, shopping, metro train, and is bursting with Indian culture.

But is it peaceful, clean, and quiet? No – it’s a megacity. If you need those things to focus, you’re better suited to smaller cities or hill stations.

One major benefit is that you’ll never run out of places to explore and you’ll have plenty of opportunities during these travels, and everyday life, to practice your Hindi with friendly Delhites.

Hindi Guru (Panchsheel Park or Gurugram)

I’ve studied at Hindi Guru so I can tell you it’s a well organised and structured school. I took a one-month short course. The facilities were very basic but the teacher was good and I enjoyed the classes. I was in a group of 8 people taking a beginners Hindi course.

The courses are structured and they provide you with course materials. This is the best option if you want to learn in Delhi – just find accommodation near to their locations. I was lucky, I lived a 2-minute walk away when they were located in Malviya Nagar.

Their classes are priced similarly to Landour Language School at ₹700 per hour.

I hope that helped you choose a Hindi school in India! I’ll be making a bunch of videos detailing my Hindi school experience on my YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe there.

My Learning Hindi Playlist

By Karl Rock

Karl Rock, is a Hindi speaking Kiwi ex-pat who take viewers behind the scenes of incredible India and its neighbours. He has visited every state and union territory in India, and its culturally similar neighbours – Pakistan and Bangladesh, and aims to make others fall in love with India and the subcontinent.

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Do you know if its possible to get a study visa for India if you study at a language school like one of these?

I think short courses are covered under Tourist Visa. Just double check. When you apply for whatever visa, attach a letter saying your school, what your studying, dates, and why you’re learning Hindi – it’ll help

Is there a Hindi school in Uttarkand? You discuss the town and it sounds lovely, but would appreciate knowing if there’s a school or courses offered there.

Thank you so much Karl for all of your advice for schools to study at and prices, scams in India and your refreshing honesty in all things.

I know one in Mussoorie but I would recommend Hindi hour in Jaipur. Flexible hours of study and very good teachers.

Thanks! Awesome video too 👌🏽 I’ve had great experience studying at Zabaan in Delhi both in-person then continuing online when I returned home

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