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10 Fun Things To Do in Bangalore

Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India. It is referred like that because it is the hub of India’s IT industry. It is also known as the garden city of India. With its towering buildings, well-kept gardens and small cafes, Bangalore is truly a city worth visiting.

But there is so much more to Bangalore than the fore-mentioned things. Being the capital of Karnataka (a state which is also home to ancient ruins like Hampi), the city naturally has a lot to offer. Therefore, here are some fun things to see and do in and around Bangalore.

1. Guhantara Resort

Guhantara Resort
Guhantara Resort. Photo by

Fancy living in an underground cave resort? If yes, then Guhantara Resort is the right place for you. It is a 3-star resort and has won accolades and awards for its unique architecture.

The resort offers much more than a pleasant stay. Not all parts of the resort are underground. It spans broad acres, and therefore, there are lush grounds and lakes as well (not underground). You can be a part of the various adventure sports available here including cricket, billiard and much more.

Within the resort, there is a beautiful lake that looks like a small waterfall. There are 20 rooms in the place, and each of these has a separate sitting area from where you can have a direct view of the lake. There are three types of rooms to choose from, and that’s all up to you. The dining outlet of the resort – Sambhojana – is also an excellent multi-cuisine restaurant that provides delicious recipes.

Besides all of these facilities, the resort also offers fantastic spa sessions that calm your senses and your body.

If you want to be retaken to the human cave period or just want to have a unique experience, head over to Guhantara Resort.

2. Varadenahalli Village

This village which is only 57 km from the Bangalore city truly depicts the culture and lifestyle of rural Bangalore. Besides being a small village consisting of less than 200 houses, the place is also famous for its traditional occupation: silk farming.

It’s truly a captivating village because you can actually view all the processes that lead to the production of silk. The villagers are very friendly, and since they have been doing this for ages now, they are very knowledgeable too. They will gladly show you around their village and explain everything.

You don’t get such opportunities every day so you might as well go and learn it all from Varadenahalli Village.

3. Savandurga Hills

Savandurga. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

This amazing scenic marvel is about 60 km west from Bangalore. The Savandurga Hills actually comprises of two hills namely Billigudda (White Hill) and Karigudda (Black Hill). Savandurga Hills is the largest single rock formations in all of Asia.

The best thing about this place is that it is still untouched by technology. The Akravati river flowing below the hill, a small temple at its base and trees and plantations that stretch for miles. The scenery itself is breathtaking.

Many tourists and locals come to Savandurga Hills. The most popular activity here is definitely trekking. You can trek all the way to the top of the hill and take in the calmness, peace and abundant beauty of nature. Since it’s a long way up, it’s recommended that you camp here, which is an amazing experience.

As I mentioned earlier, the area is bereft of any human developments, and that includes eating outlets as well. Therefore, it is best that you bring all the necessary food and water with you. The trek is quite long so can feel weary very quickly. Public transports are very rare on this road, so you’ll have to rent a vehicle from Bangalore for a day or two. You can also get a taxi or a rickshaw which will cost just the same.

4. Commercial Street

Commercial Street at night
Commercial Street at night. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

This is the major shopping centre of the city. Although Bangalore has many ultra chic multi-complex malls, Commercial Street remains the most crowded shopping hub. It’s so crowded that you won’t even get enough space to park your vehicles.

It’s almost like a flea market where you can buy clothing, jewellery, electronic appliances and footwear at very affordable prices. There are also various food joints providing chaat or other street foods.

5. Muthathi Forest Lodge

Muthathi Forest
Muthathi Forest. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

Muthathi is a quiet and serene village right in the midst of the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, approximately 230 km from Bangalore. It is situated on the banks of the Cauvery river. It is also sometimes known as the “Elephant Corridor” because it has the highest density of elephants at one place in the country.

With very few settlements and a lodge to stay at, Muthathi Jungle Lodge is one accommodation where you can experience nature and wildlife very close to you. You can enter the forest after paying a nominal entry fee, most probably Rs.50. The lodgings have a rustic look to them.

It is better to take a road trip from Bangalore to Muthathi because there are a few temples worth seeing en route. Staying here is definitely an experience to relish.

6. Bheemeshwari

Cauvery River
Cauvery River. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Bheemeshwari and Muthathi forest are sometimes synonymous with each other because it is also on the banks of Cauvery river. Nevertheless, all the adventurous activities are associated with Bheemeshwari.

Surrounded by naturally dense forests and the beautiful and vast river, Bheemeshwari offers exciting activities both in the day and at night. In the morning, you can do elephant riding, trekking, camping, cycling, river rafting, zip lining and much more.

At night, kayaking on the calm waters of river Cauvery is one of the most popular activities. In fact, that’s what Bheemeshwari is most famous for: Night Kayaking. Experiencing kayaking in the blissful silence of the forest will be one of the best things you’ve ever done.

Bheemeshwari has many lodging facilities that vary. Group bar-be-cues are frequent at night. There are hammocks outside the lodgings where you can relax and lie down or read a book and just savour the moment.

7. Nandi Hills

Early sunrise from the top of Nandi Hills
Early sunrise from the top of Nandi Hills. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

I’ve personally been to Nandi Hills, and they’re just mesmerising. It is only 60 km from Bangalore, and you can easily drive here or catch a public transport like a bus.

Nandi Hills is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Karnataka because they have a significant history. It is close to the village Nandi. Some say that it got its name because the hill resembles a sleeping bull (Nandi). Nandi is also the name of Lord Shiv’s vahana (transport). Locals can often be seen coming here for picnics. Other than this, because of the high altitude of the hills (4851 m above sea level), paragliding is also done.

Cycling on the hills is the best option because there is a lot to see from the base to the top of the hill. Right at the base, there is the Bhoga Nandeeshwar Temple which looks as majestic as it sounds. At the top of the hills is the Yoga Nandeeshwar Temple. Both of these temples are dedicated to Lord Shiv.

Nandi Hills is also famous for the Tipu Sultan Fort situated here. After you reach an altitude of 600 m, there is point called Tipu’s Drop. It is believed that Tipu Sultan forced his prisoners to jump from here to their death. Quite an intriguing story.

Early mornings and night are the best times to visit the hill. At night, you can see the entire village lit up. It is the most enchanting sight ever and truly makes you feel the vastness and significance of nature.

8. Grover Zampa Vineyards

Oak barrels of wine
Oak barrels of wine . Photo by Wikimedia Commons

If you visit Nandi Hills, don’t return without paying a visit to this vineyard. Karnataka is famous for its wine and is the second largest producer of wine in the country after Nashik.

This vineyard spans a vast and impressive area of 400 acres. You can stay here too. Some rare wines are made here. You can go through the process of production of wine and even be a part of this. You can have a tour of this winery at night also. How cool is that?

At the end of the tour, you are given some wine to taste. You can even buy some exotic wine bottles directly from here.

9. Innovative Film City

Entrance to the Film City
Entrance to the Film City. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

This is an entertaining place and perfect for a family outing. Also, it’s only 50 km from Bangalore, and therefore there’s absolutely no hassle to reach here.

There are a lot of fun stuff inside including Dino Park, Haunted Mansion, Mirror Maze, Aqua Kingdom, Petting Zoo and much more.

You can even see artificial sets used in movies. A good outing place for a day.

10. Wonderla Amusement Park

Aerial View of the water park
Aerial View of the water park. Photo by Abhishek Kumar

Only 28 km from Bangalore, this amusement park is one of the best in India (although their Kerala branch is much much better). Not much elaboration is needed because everyone knows how much fun an amusement park can be.

Wonderla has incredible rides that are equally exciting and scary. The park also provides separate rides for kids so that they don’t feel left out.

The amusement park is especially crowded on weekends because a lot of people love visiting this place. Be a part of all the fun.

If you’d like to know more about the various sights in Karnataka, check out the Top 5 Things To See in Karnataka.



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