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List of common Hindi swear words (with formatting for blocklists)

The following is a list of the Hindi language’s most common swear words written in Devanagari with their English transliteration and translation. This list is suitable to be used in places where you need to block bad language online. Hindi is the fourth most-spoken first language in the world, after Mandarin, Spanish and English. If counted together with […]

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The Real Locations of Shantaram

Many of the locations from Gregory David Robert’s classic Indian underworld story Shantaram (2003) are real and still standing in Colaba, South Mumbai. I went out to find the exact locations of Shantaram’s most iconic locations like Leopold’s, the slum Lin Baba lived in, the very first hotel he stayed at, and even where he […]


Do You Have to Convert to Get Married in India?

When Manisha and I started calling lawyers to find out how to get married in India, two we contacted said that I’d have to convert and that he’d supply the priest for that service. Another foreign friend of mine was given the same wrong advice too. The thing is, interfaith marriages are rare in India, […]