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Waterfall in Meghalaya. Photo by Karl Rock.

5 Incredibly Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit in India

Waterfalls are always a sight to behold. The sound of the splashing water and the vegetation usually surrounding the nearby area always refreshes us. India being the land gifted with immense natural beauty has plenty of waterfalls.

All waterfalls look lovely, but some are just incredible. Read on to know about five such waterfalls in India.

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The Top 5 Rooftop Restaurants in India. Photo by Nagarjun Kandukuru.

The Top 5 Rooftop Restaurants in India

Rooftop restaurants are always fun. They can be ideal for a romantic getaway, chilling out with friends or spending some much-needed time with your family. Besides, the best thing about such restaurants is that they aren’t claustrophobic like the indoor restaurants. No offence, but it is always helpful to have some fresh air while binging on fantastic food.

India has many rooftop restaurants and diners with some of the best views ever. These views aren’t just limited to cities but a lot more than that. Want to know some of the best terrace diners in the country? Read on.

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The Top 5 Most Popular Food Brands in Indian Supermarkets

Almost every other person in India is a die-hard foodie. This is very evident from the variety of local cuisines available in the country. But since the past decade or more, there has been a steep increase in the number of food brands available, both Indian and international. Most of these brands are very old and trusted by the Indian public. Here are five brands whose products you’ll find in every Indian’s home.

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Wonderla Kerala

The Greatest Amusement Parks in India

With being an adult and working comes all the stress of daily life. We all look for a break and usually resort to nature for the answer. But have you ever thought that your kids might need a break too? They are also pawns in this competitive world, and it doesn’t take away anything from you if you give them their well-deserved outing.

Amusement parks are always the answer to such a problem. A day here can reduce your stress levels, and you can be assured of having the time of your lives. Besides, the kids will thank you for it. India has many such amusement parks, but only a few of them are worth visiting and spending money for. Here are some of them.

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Yoga at sunset beach

6 Peaceful Yoga Destinations in India for Yoga Lovers

India is always proud to claim that yoga originated from here. The various asanas (positions), their benefits and technicalities are all mentioned repeatedly in different Vedic scriptures. In Hinduism, yoga does not only act as a way of reaching peak physical and mental health but also as means to attain heights of spirituality and oneness with oneself. Ancient yogis practised yoga every day, and this is believed to be the secret of their flawless skin, amazing health and longevity. In Hindu mythological stories, meditation has led to people attaining superpowers.

Considering that so many people outside India are now highly interested in yoga, the Government of India and other private organisations have set up various yoga centres in many exotic locations of India. If you’re a true yoga fan, where better to practice it than in the country it came from? If you’re up for it, here are six places you have to visit.

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