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Diu shore line. Photo by Karl Rock.

Highlights of Stunning Daman & Diu

Of all India’s union territories. Daman & Diu is the most significant place. Located in Gujarat, the small coastal island towns are outlined by the vast Arabian Sea. They are both separated from each other by a distance of more than 600 km, but yet, they’re addressed together as one place. It is also very close to Mumbai.

Just like Goa, Daman & Diu was also under the Portugal rulers. It was their territory for many years, and that’s why you can still find the both the places reflect more of a Portuguese look than an Indian one. From their monuments to churches to roads, everything speaks of a different era and a different rule. Here are five highlights of this coastal paradise.

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A street in Old Delhi

What’s the Difference Between ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Delhi?

When you come to the capital, the rich and splendid capital, you might often hear the words Old Delhi and New Delhi. This can get quite confusing if you’re not from India. This article will give you a clearer picture of the essential difference between these two.

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Bikes on the side of the road in Himachal Pradesh. Photo by Karl Rock.

Delhi to Ladakh, Kashmir & Jammu Motorcycle Tour Super Guide [+ 4K Video]

I’ve never been so in awe of a place as I was with Himachal Pradesh (past Manali), Ladakh, and Kashmir. The mountains and beauty of this land are breathtaking. The sheer scale is like nothing I’ve seen before, and I’ve travelled the world.

It’s grander than Yosemite, more picturesque than New Zealand, and more enchanting than anywhere else.

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Dahi Kebab

The Most Popular Street Foods in North India

We Indians cannot resist a good dose of street food. In fact, our day is almost incomplete without it. You might not find as many people in a restaurant as you would around a street food vendor. That’s just how India is.

Some of these street foods are unique to a state, but some are common to all. North Indian street foods are ideal for those sudden hunger pains, and you can be sure that your tummy will be more than full. Besides that, these dishes don’t burn a hole in your pocket because they come for as cheap as Rs. 10! So if you’re unsure what street foods to try, here are some of the most popular.

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Haleem. Photo by Charles Haynes.

5 Delicious Must Try Kashmiri Dishes

Muslims, and in the past the Mughals rulers of India, are the kings of cooking flavourful meat in India. No one does it better. They’re famous for barbequed meat, rich meaty flavoured curries, and in Kashmir, Wazwan (a traditional 12-course meat extravaganza).

If you love meat, especially red meat, read on (unfortunately, you won’t find beef here, find out why).

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