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The Serene but Forgotten Kalash Valley in Pakistan

For a people with a population of only 4,000 the Kalasha punch well above their weight when it comes to visibility on the Pakistan tourist circuit. Living in three valleys bunched up on the Afghan border in the far northwest of Pakistan, the Kalasha are the last surviving “pagans*” of the Hindu Kush mountain range. […]

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Delhi to Ladakh, Kashmir & Jammu Motorcycle Tour Super Guide [+ 4K Video]

I’ve never been so in awe of a place as I was with Himachal Pradesh (past Manali), Ladakh, and Kashmir. The mountains and beauty of this land are breathtaking. The sheer scale is like nothing I’ve seen before, and I’ve travelled the world. It’s grander than Yosemite, more picturesque than New Zealand, and more enchanting […]

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The Ultimate Camping Spots in India

There is nothing more serene than camping in a beautiful place in the mountains or near the river or any location where nature has been mostly untouched by humans. You can take a break from the rat race and the technological world and appreciate the simpler things in life. You can just lie down on […]