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Real World Urdu Examples for Reading Practice

Reading Urdu children stories is common for practising Urdu reading, but I find practising translating real-world signs and menus in Pakistan even more useful. Because you’re definitely going to come across these things every day while in Pakistan – and it’s this very reason why I decided I needed to learn Urdu.

My videos on basic Urdu travel phrases for Pakistan

These photos are from my trips around Pakistan. Click on them for the high-quality downloadable version. Then save and print, or translate on your screen.

Menu from a Dhaba in Hasan Abdul, Punjab
Sign of a restaurant in Sahiwal, Punjab
Menu from a Dhaba in Sahiwal, Punjab
Entry fee sign from Harappa, Punjab
Restaurant signs in Mirpur
Outside a Dhaba in Mirpur
Sign as you enter Mirpur
Restaurant sign from Sahiwal, Punjab
A tea brand in Pakistan
Urdu store signs in Peshawar
An ad for Pakistan’s most popular motorcycle. Notice that they haven’t written in Nastaliq.

I’ll update this page as I find more food examples for Urdu practice.

By Karl Rock

Karl Rock is a Hindi speaking expat who left his career and life behind in New Zealand to take viewers behind the scenes of incredible India.

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