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The Best TED Talks on Language Learning [Exclusive Video]

The Best TED Talks on Language Learning [Exclusive Video]

I’ve been learning Hindi slowly for 3 years now, and I got to the point where I was just not happy with my progress. I felt progress was too slow and I wasn’t making the most of actually living in India. So I went search for the answer to speed up my language learning.

After watching hours of language learning videos on YouTube, I was able to separate the fake from the real. There are a lot of fakers on YouTube with language learning videos with The below 3 videos formed my decision to renounce English and begin only speaking Hindi. I’m quitting English for an entire week to see if it helps speed up my learning. I won’t even talk in English to my family and friends, they’ll have to use a translator app.

I expect it’ll help immensely because it’s replicating how we all learnt our mother tongue as kids: listening > speaking > screwing up > repeating. What I think is that language learning is 80% practice and 20% grammar, so I’m going to put that to the test. Goodbye English.

I’ll post an update after the week ends!

Surprising Indians with My Hindi [Exclusive Video]. Photo © Karl Rock.

Surprising Indians with My Hindi [Exclusive Video]

Language connects us.

When you’re living somewhere like India long term, it’s vital to learn the local language. If you want to fit in, make friends, and interact with the locals, you have to know at least a little bit of their language. Imagine moving to New Zealand or the U.S. and not being able to speak English.

Every week I spend hours improving my Hindi. It takes a lot of time. It takes years and years to learn a language fluently, never believe that “Fluent in 30 Days” nonsense you see online. One day, I’ll have it mastered. Until then, I stumble around practising my Hindi every day wherever I can.

The response I get from locals when I speak in Hindi is fantastic. They immediately light up when they realise I’m giving their language a go. They’re all smiles, and that’s exactly what I went out to capture in my latest video.

Enjoy the smiles and surprise on locals’ faces as I speak to them in their local language! And laugh at my Hindi too if you’re a native Hindi speaker 😀

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