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The Best Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh

“See India’s heart,” that’s how the Government’s Incredible India campaign describes Madhya Pradesh, as it is located in the center of the country, resembling the heart of the nation. It’s a state with a blend of heritage, culture, wildlife, food, and one of the biggest rivers – Narmada. Sanchi This place has Buddhist Stupas – […]

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Surprising Indians with My Hindi [Exclusive Video]

Language connects us. When you’re living somewhere like India long term, it’s vital to learn the local language. If you want to fit in, make friends, and interact with the locals, you have to know at least a little bit of their language. Imagine moving to New Zealand or the U.S. and not being able […]

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6 of My Favourite Old Forts in India

Old forts are something that I love, and thankfully, India is full of such ruined forts. These forts give us a glimpse of India’s past, a past that has always been majestic. You will feel like being transported back in time, and for me, it’s the best feeling ever. If you are someone like me, […]