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My Selfie Experiment in India [Selfie Gallery Included]

After being asked to take well over 100 selfies with locals in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka I started thinking, “why aren’t I keeping a copy of these photos too?” So that’s exactly what I did. When someone would ask me for a selfie, I’d also take one with them.

Initially, I didn’t know why I started this selfie experiment. I just knew there was something joyous in meeting someone new, shaking hands, standing with them, smiling together, and clicking a pic.

After taking over 60 selfies with locals I realised the benefit. The reason I take photos is to be able to look back and unlock a memory. My memory alone can’t store all the amazing adventures I’ve had and the places I’ve travelled. But my photo gallery can. The same goes for the people I’ve met. Selfies remind me of experience of meeting somebody new. If it wasn’t for the selfie, I’d have not remembered meeting many of these good people. A selfie is a memory.

After I posted about why Indians like to take selfies with foreigners, a lot of people asked to see my selfie gallery. So here it is!


By Karl Rock

Karl Rock is a Hindi speaking expat who left his career and life behind in New Zealand to take viewers behind the scenes of incredible India.

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Fun pictures! Although I can’t resist being pedantic: only a couple of these are selfies, they are mostly just, you know, pictures 😉

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