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How to Book Train Tickets in Sri Lanka (At Station or in Advance)

There are two easy ways to book train tickets in Sri Lanka. You can book direct at a train station, or you can book via an online reseller if you’re outside of Sri Lanka. How to book train tickets at a train station in Sri Lanka The cheapest way to book a train ticket is […]

Travel Hacks

How to Recover Deleted GoPro Footage (Works for SD CARD ERROR too!)

If you film a lot with your GoPro, then one day you’re going to run into the infuriating “SD CARD ERROR.” Or perhaps you’ve deleted footage or formatted your SD card by mistake. It happens. These things have happened to me, and I had to find a solution to recover the data. The infamous SD […]

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My Favourite Restaurants in Jaffna (& Tourist Map)

You’ve probably heard of Jaffna before. It was the epicentre of the Sri Lankan civil war, so it was off-limits to tourism for a long time. But now it’s open, and it’s a good thing because it’s a beautiful peninsula with tons to see and great food! The best places to eat in Jaffna, according to […]

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My Selfie Experiment in India [Selfie Gallery Included]

After being asked to take well over 100 selfies with locals in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka I started thinking, “why aren’t I keeping a copy of these photos too?” So that’s exactly what I did. When someone would ask me for a selfie, I’d also take one with them. Initially, I didn’t know why […]