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Top 4 Places To Visit Near Jaipur

When on a trip to one of the most majestic states in Indian, Rajasthan. Do not overlook the villages and towns which hold the key to the past and are still untouched by the modern world.

You don’t have to go far to visit them either. They are just a one or two-day trip from the capital, Jaipur. So, here are the places you can visit near Jaipur for a more authentic rendezvous with the culture of Rajasthan!

1. Pushkar and Ajmer

Bramha temple ghat (Pushkar), Photo by Sudiptorana, CC BY-SA 3.0.
Bramha Temple Ghat (Pushkar). Photo by Sudiptorana, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Welcome to the Spiritual Capital of Rajasthan!

Located at a distance of 145 Kilometres from Jaipur, this is one of the oldest cities of India, and one of the four most prominent divine centres for Hindus (Chaar Dham). With 52 ghats and the famous Pushkar Lake, pilgrims from all over the nation flock to this quiet and serene town and take a dip in the holy waters which are potent enough to wash all your sins away.

And of course, not to forget, the numerous temples with their surreal carvings and ornate sculptures which rope in curious travellers from around the world. The most famous are the Brahma Temple, as there are very few shrines dedicated to the deity in the whole world. The city has an air of tranquillity and holiness which will sooth your heart and calm your mind.

Also, while on a trip to Pushkar, you must not forget to stop at Ajmer and pay your respects to the great Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti at Dargah Sharif. One of the most notable spiritual sites in India, this place is sure to set all your anxieties to rest.

2. Sawai Madhopur

Pillars chhatri (Ranthambore fort), Photo by Vijay Singh, CC BY-SA 4.0.
Pillars chhatri (Ranthambore fort), Photo by Vijay Singh, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Bored of skyscrapers and the concrete jungle of the city? Then Sawai Madhopur is the perfect treat for your eyes!

Around a 3-hour drive away from Jaipur, the noise-free, uncrowded, vegetation-rich city will delight you with its restful feel and splendid history. Speaking of which, you should land straight in Ranthambore Fort, the pivot of the olden times of the town. The year of the making of the imposing and practically impenetrable structure is unknown. With its grand Toran Dwar, artistic Chattris, a pristine mosque and the famous Trinetra Ganesh Temple, it is a real joy for anyone even remotely interested in the past.

Don’t miss spotting the majestic striped cats too, the tigers, prowling in the Ranthambore National Park, a must-do in Sawai Madhopur. It is the safe haven for a large variety of animal and bird species, so keep your camera ready!

3. Shekhawati Region

Photo by Nagarjun Kandukuru, CC BY 2.0.
Photo by Nagarjun Kandukuru, CC BY 2.0.

If you want to marvel at Rajasthani art, then you haven’t seen anything like this before. Get ready to witness the artistic side of the state in its true splendour!

Situated 141 Kilometres from Jaipur, Shekhawati is a group of districts, namely Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Charu, and Nagaur. The legend goes that wealthy merchants constructed grand palaces ornamenting them both on the inside as well as outside with beautiful carvings and murals. And they didn’t stop there. Soon, all the homes, temples, even step wells were handsomely decked with rich sculpting and engravings.

Some of the most beautiful structures include the Mandawa Fort, Dundlod Fort, Mukundgarh Fort and Rawal Saab Ki Kothi. Shekhawati is also home to the most stunning frescos which adorn the Havelis (Indian villas) – it has the largest number of frescos in the world.

The rich heritage and culture of this place will leave you spellbound!


Photo by Carlton Browne, CC BY 2.0.
Photo by Carlton Browne, CC BY 2.0.

Here sits a perfect spot for a getaway into the ruins, 151 kilometres away from the state capital. The pleasant drive of 3 hours through picturesque Aravali will probably be one of the best you have had in a long time. Once you step in the pleasant valley and breathe in its cool air, you will be instantly re-energised.

Amongst the most notable attractions is the beautiful blend of sandstone and marble, Moosi Maharani Ki Chattri which protects the tomb of the King and Queen of Alwar. The Bala Quila (Alwar Fort) whose ruins have now lost its splendour, provides a magnificent view of the city at sunset. The City Palace, also called as the Vinay Vilas Palace, with its stocked-up museum and great galleries is another must visit in Alwar, not to forget the Alwar lake with its cool and serene waters.

And of course, you will need to drop by at the Sariska Tiger Reserve to marvel at the abundant flora and fauna and get some magnificent clicks, right?

So what are you waiting for? Choose your spot and get ready for a great trip to these lesser-known destinations near Jaipur!

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