Why I Haven’t Seen My Wife in 269 Days #Blacklist

My name is Karl Rock and the Government of India has stopped me from returning to India, separating me from my wife and family.

So who am I? What happened? And why has it happened?

इसे हिंदी में पढ़ें। This post is also available in Hindi.

Who am I?

I’m a content creator who makes videos about travel safety, incredible travel destinations, I cover scams and how to avoid them in both English and Hindi, and I share basically everything to do with my life and family.

My wife and I exploring India’s incredible Andaman and the Nicobar Islands.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve travelled to every single state and union territory of India, from Mizoram to Lakshadweep. I did this because I wanted to see all of India. India is my love and passion.

If you’re new here and I look familiar, you might remember me donating Plasma twice to the Delhi Plasma Clinic, or maybe you saw my recent viral video where I reply to someone trolling India simply and sweetly with “जय हिन्द (Long live India).”

After having COVID in India, I went straight away to donate plasma twice and was recognised by Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi.

My wife and family

Karl Rock and Manisha Malik wedding photo.
Our family at our marriage at the DCM’s Office (North-West Delhi).

My wife’s name is Manisha Malik. We met in Delhi in October 2014, and we got married in April 2019.

My Father-in-law’s home is in Hansi, Haryana and my Mother-in-law’s village is in the Churu district of Rajasthan.

I love and miss my family a lot. To be away from them for so long is very difficult.

Manisha’s touching and inspiring story about growing up with vitiligo.

What happened?

I left India to go travel Dubai and Pakistan in October 2020, and upon leaving, they cancelled my visa at the airport. They wouldn’t tell me why.

So in Dubai, I applied for a new visa. They called me in for a meeting and told me I had been blacklisted and therefore they couldn’t issue me a visa to go home.

During this time we’ve written to the Home Ministry multiple times, Manisha tried to speak with them at their office in Delhi, we’ve written to the High Commissioner of India in New Zealand. But His Excellency ignored me, even when I turned up to his office with my wife’s COVID positive report. Yes, she went through COVID a second time, and even then His Excellency wouldn’t didn’t reply.

During that time 25 people died at the hospital we go to because of lack of oxygen and people we know were dying of COVID. I felt sick in my stomach being away from her at that time because when I had COVID in March 2020, she took care of me. But I wasn’t there for her.

25 people died at the hospital Manisha and I go to due to lack of oxygen. This was happening while my wife had COVID a second time.

Now you might be thinking, well, you have a New Zealand and European passport so you guys can go live there. But the thing is, Manisha and my family have no desire to leave India. Why would we? We love India.

My wife’s dream country is India and that’s why she spent 6 years of her life attempting to crack civil services examinations. She’s a desh bhakt (nationalist) in the purest sense and her devotion to India and Indian culture is one thing that I love about her.

It’s very wrong of the Govt. of India to be forcing her to leave India to be with her husband.

Being exiled from my family has been very difficult to deal with. I’ve had to go through a lot of separation trauma. In the beginning, I would get panic attacks. Now it’s progressed into me being extremely unhappy. Imagine you can’t return home and you’re up against the Government of India. The pressure is more than I’ve ever experienced.

But if there’s one thing that being part of a Haryanvi family has taught me, it’s how to be brave and how to fight. We will fight until I get home.

Why was I blacklisted?

We don’t know why I was added to the blacklist because the Govt. of India is ignoring my wife and I’s requests for this information.

Before someone is added to the Blacklist they’re meant to be given the reason and time to reply. I wasn’t.

So today we’re filing a petition in the Delhi High Court to find out the reasons and request my removal from the Blacklist.

I’m feeling very thankful to the Indian Judiciary system for being there because Manisha and I have been ignored the entire time by the Government. Without the Judiciary, we’d have no recourse. So thank you, and I’m hopeful that the Judiciary will review my blacklisting and give a fair decision.

Through all this, there’s only one regret I have, and that’s that this entire thing has put great worry on my wife, parents-in-law, and family. For this, I ask for their forgiveness.

Please help us

Please help Manisha and I by signing our petition to remove my name from the blacklist so I can return home.

Please sign our petition so I can return home.

What’s next?

I’m waiting for that moment when I step foot back in Delhi and hug my family again.

In the meantime, we’ll meet in Bangladesh, Nepal, or Pakistan until I can get back.

Jai Hind

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By Karl Rock

Karl Rock, is a Hindi speaking Kiwi ex-pat who take viewers behind the scenes of incredible India and its neighbours. He has visited every state and union territory in India, and its culturally similar neighbours – Pakistan and Bangladesh, and aims to make others fall in love with India and the subcontinent.

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Well there must be a reason why you were blacklisted else why would GOI ban you? I have my sympathies with you and if you are innocent hope they unlist you soon from the blacklist but if they have a reason better you stay away from our country. Us as a country has already suffered a lot.

I am not an indian but I have been seeing karl’s videos from a while. The only reason leading to his blacklist is spreading awareness. He spreads awareness about scams that target tourists and guides tourist how to avoid these scams and how to have a better visit in India. He also made videos exposing scam call centers with the help of other youtubers. These videos do show a bad side of India but this is something that shouldnt be there, he doesnt defame india by showing poverty, he doesnt disrespect indians, all he does is spread awareness. If thats what lead to his blacklisting then thats a pretty stupid reason because he is doing it for a greater good. And thats not the only videos he does, he also makes videos about good places in india to visit and other videos that would attract tourists. Knowing about his blacklisting my mind first went towards the reason being his recent videos where he had an unbiased view while his visit to pakistan, making lots of positive videos praising things about pakistan while also being unbiased. But he got blacklisted before even visiting to pakistan so the only reason I can think of as a follower is his videos exposing scams. Eitherway no one deserves to be forced to stay away from their family.

I learned about you from Jim Browning tweet,,,hope everything will be okay,,stay strong man,love will prevail🇲🇾

We are with you Karl Rock.Hope Govt. of India will unblock you & remove blacklisted status . Indian judiciary will definitely give you justice very soon. Take care of your health.

Apparently this government does not like people who spread love and positivity.

My advice would be to work with an Experienced Lawyer. A noob lawyer won’t cut it.

Is the protest for revocation of CAA by a Foreigner is a reason ?

Just want to know, whether any hint is there from any such circle regarding this ?

Hope Judiciary will help you and you can freely travel in India.

Dear karl, I hope you and your wife are reunited soon in india. I am so sorry that the indian government put you in this position and left you feeling helpless.
Sending prayers and positivity to you & Manisha’s way.

Also i wasn’t able to find your link to your petition, if you could share it on your facebook page that would be great.

May god bless you both

Love and regards

Aashwinder Singh & Jessica Johan ♥

NSW, Australia

Don’t worry Karl Bhai we are here and will do anything to get you back in india..Respect for a personal like you

Hey Karl,

Stay safe. I know you’re going through a lot. Stop scrolling through all those posts, and take some time for yourself. Call Manisha. Have a 2 hour talk on WhatsApp.

I am really not sure which religion you follow, but believe in god. He is watching you struggle, we will help. You just need to continue trying

I had a hard time last year. Your unplanned adventures on your motorcycle, your ringtone “Teri Akhiyan Ka Wo Kajal” made me powerful. You’re a lucky charm to India. You’re PewDiePie of India for everyone. I hope India gets its charm back 🙂

Love you bro,
Another Indian Fan

I’m so sorry you guys are going through really rough times. My heart cry for you guys! You guys are such sweet beautiful people. Hope things gets better soon. Sending you positive vibes.

Since you’ve been married for more than two years, you would be eligible for an OCI card AFAIK. Of course the blacklist might carry over there too but there’s no harm in applying right?
From someone who hasn’t been able to go to my country of work due to COVID restrictions, hope things get sorted out for both of us soon. Stay strong.

Hi Karl,

I really respect you and Manisha and I am with you. We are with you in this fight. We are in this together. We will bring you back you are as much as our family. More love and power to you.

Jai Hind🇮🇳

Crazy, this guy has sold India to me as a destination I want to visit and spend time travelling around. Karl is one the most genuine polite and serious advocates for India I have come across in my researches. India is that much poorer for the lack of this guy pushing it on the international scene. I am aware India is in dire straights due to the pandemic but we must think ahead and this kind of treatment for whatever reason is not showing India in it’s best light which is a great pity. Perhaps sense will be re-established and we will see him with his beloved family and India again soon. Here’s hoping very much.

Karl, I’m so sad to hear this. I would never in my life ever considered travelling to India or learning about Indian culture if I hadn’t watched your videos. I’m also blown away by your compassion and open mindedness for the people of India and also other countries and cultures no matter what religion or political background. Your videos inspire people to be kind to one another no matter what our differences are. I have learned to be a better Christian from you even though you may not be one. You exemplify the best commandment Jesus gave, to love your neighbor as much as you love yourself. I pray that God will bless you and that he will soften the hearts of those who stand against you and change their hearts for the better. I pray that God bless the people of India, and yes even Pakistan and that we will all find peace someday.

Hi Karl,

Your videos have always been amazing and I always felt like you have more patience and love for my country than I do myself. Please let us know if we can extend our financial support in your legal recourse.

It seems that the biggest issue for blacklisting him was due to his past involvement in political protests and traveling into some restricted zones. He also pointed out some of the call center scams going on in India. He obviously stepped on some authoritie’s toes in doing these things.

But did any govt officials speak to Karl about these incidents….to warn him that such activities violate his visa conditions?? That his visa status would be in jeopardy?

I think Karl has made his home India along with his wife and in-laws. He loves India!! In his videos you can see that he is very respectful to the local people, even towards the scammers!

I also believe Karl was a bit naive about his participation in prohibited activities. He did not realize the seriousness and maybe the possible consequences that could happen.

I hope Karl will be reunited with his family soon!! Want to see you back in India!! I am with you to!!

You probably exposed and closed down the scam telemarketer center of someone in power. Good luck to you and your wife that you are reunited soon!

I believe the Gov’t does not have a valid reason that can be shared with you Karl. Hence the silence from them. They might be working on something to frame you?! 1) The anti CAA protest, there is no evidence to show in court. You made a vlog about the protest maybe. Not as a participant. Deleted it is i heard. So no evidence gathered anyway.
2) To everyone who talks of Karl’s Mizoram and Nagaland trips. It’s been 5 years or so we foreigners do not need any PAP (Protected Area permit) except for Arunachal and Sikkim, like we used to apply for at the state house in Chanakya from the Liason Officer. Now at the airports of NE states there are forms for foreigners to be filled and entry permit granted there and then. No questions asked. Not even Indian Visa or passports are ever checked. They casually look at our boarding pass and ID. FRRO registration the next day at their office. Again,not checked at departure upon leaving the state.
No 2 again; It is not like what many who have no clue about that part of India comment on Karl’s recent youtube videos. Trying to sound like he has committed a big crime LOL
I hope all goes smooth and i wish Karl good luck!

Life in India isn’t worth all this trouble. You and your wife need to be practical. Move to NZ and live peacefully.

Hey Carl. We’re waiting for the Govt. lawyer to reply with their submission in court. There won’t be an update until the next hearing date – 24 September. Thanks, mate.

I’ve really enjoyed your videos.
Right now I’m physically disabled and have viewed your posts and visited India along with you.
Many days I’ve got through my depression by watching and learning ….many prayers to you and hope you can return to India soon!

People haven’t forgotten You,  Karl if that’s what is going through your head keep that thought far from you. I hope to know more about Both of your situations. Nothing should come between you two, but it did happen so try to work through it in the meantime try to reduce some space between you two.
You both are smart People figure something out like meet in other country or take a second honeymoon. I saw your videos she is awesome and sweet at the same time. Try to be with her in any form of way You can like in skype do it even if there is nothing to talk just be there for each other. Don’t stop trying, Indian officials have bigger hearts than you think.
Your Loving Friend who wishes you all the best and luck in the world  (I want to know more).  Vijay S

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