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How to Visit Kartarpur Sahib from Pakistan

Kartarpur Sahib, also known as Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, isn’t just open for Indians via the Kartarpur Corridor; it’s also possible for Pakistanis and Foreigners in Pakistan to visit.

This blog will tell you exactly how to access the Gurudwara from Pakistan.

If you want to visit Kartarpur Sahib from India via the Kartarpur Corridor, I’ve written a complete guide for that too.

I met my wife in this vlog and exchanged gifts at Kartarpur Sahib.

How to get to Kartarpur Sahib from Paksitan side

From Lahore, the Kartarpur Sahib parking lot is 130km and takes 2.5 hours. The roads are mostly good.

Use the parking lot’s Google Maps location to get there.

Sign for Kartarpur Sahib while driving in Pakistan
There are signboards to Narowal from Lahore and then signs to Kartarpur Sahib itself.

Be very careful not to take a wrong turn towards the border fence when driving there.

Narowal is the last big town before Kartarpur where you can buy things.

What documents are required to visit Kartarpur Sahib from Pakistan?

Foreigners need to bring their passport and visa.

Pakistanis just need to bring their ID card.

What is the entry fee to Kartarpur Sahib?

Entry fee for Kartarpur Sahib from Pakistan Side
You’ll find this ticket booth inside the carpark.

The entry fee to Kartarpur Sahib from the Pakistan side is Rs. 200 PKR for locals and foreigners.

Kartarpur Sahib ticket
This is the ticket you’ll be issued when entering Kartarpur Sahib from the Pakistani side.

Entry starts at 9am and ends at 3pm.

What happens when you arrive at Kartarpur Sahib?

Before you even arrive at the car park, you’ll go through four different Army check posts.

At the last checkpoint, your car will be searched, and you’ll need to get out and visit a booth to have your vehicle and IDs logged.

After all that, you can park your car. Then there are two more rounds of security.

At the final round, you’ll be given an entry pass that you must wear around your neck at all times.

Entry pass for foreigners at Kartarpur Sahib
The pass I had to wear while inside Kartarpur Sahib complex.

Can you meet Indians inside?

Manisha Malik and Karl Rock meeting at Kartarpur Sahib
I came from Lahore, and my wife came from Delhi to meet me at Kartarpur.

Yes. I met my wife, who came from the Indian side.

When meeting friends, don’t forget that India and Pakistan are in different time zones. Pakistan is 30 minutes behind India in time.

Karl Rock and Manisha Malik at Kartarpur Sahib 2

Can you take gifts for Indians?

Yes. Both my wife and I carried sweets from both sides and exchanged them.

All gifts (and your bags) will be thoroughly checked on both sides of the border. If they don’t allow something that you’re carrying, you can go put it back in your car. They allowed my sweets, but not my GoPro camera, for example.

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By Karl Rock

Karl Rock, is a Hindi speaking Kiwi ex-pat who take viewers behind the scenes of incredible India and its neighbours. He has visited every state and union territory in India, and its culturally similar neighbours – Pakistan and Bangladesh, and aims to make others fall in love with India and the subcontinent.

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Thank you very much for the comprehensive explanation. I asked many but the explanation was not convincing. I’m a non Indian and will apply the Pakistani VISA as mentioned and travel via Lahore. May God bless the lovely couple with abundance. Thank you. Sul

Hi Sulinder, that’s exactly why I made this blog – no one in Pakistan knew definitively either, so I went and found out for myself. Enjoy your trip!

Hi Karl,
Sadly, even the tour agency was not knowledgeable and my wife n I nearly bought the wrong package. Wished they were many such good ppl like you n wife around. With your guidance, I can now share with others too, if you do not object me doing so respectfully. Tks Karl.

it was a useful & informative blog for me as I am planing to visit this Gurudawara from Lahore with a friend.
Your blog gave me the hope to invite my Indian friend to coincide the date & time with me & plan his visit as well hopefully, so that we can meet each other face to face.
BTW, as of now, I’ve heard that the ticket is now 600Rs.

Hello Karl

Thanks for making a vlog from Pakistan side, there is not much information available from other side of the coin, and you did a great job, very informational. I have some follow up question for you though, hoping that you can provide some insights.

1.Are there certain days, when a Pakistani national CAN’T visit, that you saw or aware of?
2. You said there are security checks, is this for Pakistani national also?
3. When you were done, while exiting the premises, where there also security checks again, or was it a normal exist, without any checks?
4. I am planning to gift some clothes/perfume to my friend in Pakistan, so just want to make sure, there won’t be any issue for them, when they leave with gifts to back home in Pakistan

Appreciate your reading, and waiting for answers!


Hi Saby, 1. I don’t know. The rest, security will check your belongings/gifts thoroughly before you enter. If they don’t allow them, you can just go and put them back in your car. They didn’t allow my GoPro for example. But they did allow my mithai. Have a good trip.

Hi just wanted to enquire is there a Covid test required for foreigners ?? We heard we need to do the tests before reaching, can you confirm?

Hi karl what about nowadays? Anything new which you can tell us.because I have to meet my friend who is from india.she is coming on 21 march?

I want visit my girlfriend she lives in Pakistan so it is po To meet her in this corridor without any problems?? I am indian citizen

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