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Temples in Tamil Naidu. Photo by Karl Rock.

The Most Amazing Temples in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has 33,000 temples to be precise. It comes as no shock because it is a land of high religious significance and spirituality. It also has a rich cultural history as mentioned in the Sangam literature (South Indian’s ancient literature). All of these features have allowed Tamil Nadu to build some of the most astonishing temples.

Some of these temples even date back to the 1st century while some are even mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures. The state’s temples are famous globally and if you are planning a temple visit to Tamil Nadu, here are the top six that you cannot miss.

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What to Expect During Diwali in India. Photo by Bhavishya Goel.

What to Expect During Diwali in India

Diwali is the most important festival of India. Although it’s a Hindu festival, it is celebrated by people of all religion irrespective of anything. The significance of Diwali goes much beyond the story behind it. To truly understand the essence of the festival so that you can appreciate it, here is a quick historical (or mythological) background.

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5 Amazing Indian Festivals You Must Go To

When you arrive in India, you’ll realise that there will be a festival almost every month. Usually, these are based on religious and cultural beliefs and sometimes, even to mark the onset or culmination of the harvesting season. Most of these festivals don’t have a fixed date. Their date is known by studying the movement of stars and planets.

Here, festivals are celebrated with so much pomp and grandeur that the excitement is infectious. During the festival period, no one’s caste, class or creed is considered. Everyone becomes a part of the ongoing fervour. It’s a truly delightful feeling to experience a festival in India. So for you, I’m going to list down five amazing festivals of India that you cannot miss.

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Elephanta Caves

Top 5 Historical Caves in India That You Must-visit

India is the perfect place for the explorer in you. There is no shortage of ancient structures here. So naturally, given the diversity of terrains in this country, a large number of caves have been excavated here. Many of these are preserved by the Archaeological Society of India. Some caves do remain unexplored simply because they are deemed to be too dangerous for humans. Many caves have associated religious beliefs to them because, in Hinduism, Gods meditated deep within isolated caves.

So if you’re up for an adventure full of mystery, faith and history, I’m rounding up the most popular caves in India for you.

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Badrinath Temple

An Overview of the Char Dham Pilgrimage

Char Dham translates to the four holy abodes. Char Dham is to the Hindus what Mecca is to Muslims. According to the Hindus, there are four Yug or time periods. In each Yug, Lord Vishnu incarnates to destroy the evil. All the four pilgrimage sites, therefore, have a significance to Lord Vishnu. Hindus believe that doing the Char Dham Yatra (journey of the four abodes) will rid them of their sins. These are also mentioned in the scriptures.

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