Top 5 Budget Friendly Backpacker Hostels in Delhi

Unlike Mumbai, it’s not very difficult to find a backpacker hostel in Delhi. The only trouble is that the prices are a little more on the costlier side in the capital. But nevertheless, all the best hostels of the country are in Delhi. You might face certain inconveniences in other states’ hostels, but here, everything will be like you want it to be.

It’s better if you don’t look for accommodations in Old Delhi because the atmosphere is much better in New Delhi. So if you want a comfortable stay in the capital, here’s where to look.

1. Madpackers Hostel, Panchsheel Park

Terrace at night
Terrace at night. Photo by

Voted as the best hostel in India, this should be your first choice.

Madpackers Hostel is a beautiful place. The rooms are spacious with large windows and large bunk beds. It has such a modern vibe to it that your stay will be as cheerful and happy as it can be. You will not have any complaints about anything being dirty becomes cleanliness is something that this hostel takes very seriously.

There is a terrace garden that acts as a refreshing spot to just stroll and sit or talk with the fellow travellers who stay there as well. Other than this, you get free Wifi, an open kitchen with all the appliances (a microwave too) and groceries within it and even a washing machine (which isn’t available in many hostels).

Besides this, they offer many services like renting bikes. The price starts at Rs.600.

2. Jugaad Hostels, R K Puram

Jugaad Hostels
Jugaad Hostels. Photo by

This hostel gets rave reviews from all the travellers who stayed here. Some even say that it felt like their second home.

The ambience and decor of this hostel are outstanding. There are so many features in this hostel that makes it distinctive from the others in the state. The first thing everyone notices is the funky and cool interior. Another unique thing found here is that there are no bunk beds or anything of that sort. Instead, you get make-shift beds here. Quite a different idea.

Markets, hospitals, parks and metro is nearby. All the facilities are available. I can assure you this because I live close by. It is a quirky place indeed. The price starts at Rs.500.

3. The Hosteller, Saket

The Hosteller
The Hosteller. Photo by

This one is situated in the hub of the capital. The hostel has a very friendly crowd and helpful staff. Besides, you get all the modern facilities like AC, Wifi, lockers, breakfast and even a green terrace garden.

If you are someone who loves the nightlife, club and parties, you can get all of that near this hostel. Plus, it is very close to the metro station which is a great perk. Many important monuments are also easily accessible from Saket.

Their rate starts from Rs.400. Keeping in mind these benefits and its ideal location, The Hosteller is one of the best hostels in New Delhi.

4. Zostel

Common room
Common room. Photo by

This excellent place is right opposite to the New Delhi Railway Station.

The hostel is freaking cool. With walls full of graffiti and posters, this accommodation is worth your money. You can avail dorms or luxury suites here. Their common room also looks amazing with some wonderful hanging spots. Everything in here is just awe-striking. The luxury suite looks like a room in a five-star hotel. You cannot decide which is better: the suite or the common room.

Because of the location, you must know that there will be no lack of facilities nearby. Within the hostel, you have all the amenities including Wifi and a fully stocked kitchen. Many travellers prefer to stay here, owing to its location and services.

5. Moustache Hostel, Greater Kailash

Bedroom. Photo by

The hostel isn’t as weird as the name is. In fact, it is a little bit on the costlier side.

If you can afford slightly more for your stay, then this is the ideal hostel for you. Greater Kailash is one of the poshest areas of New Delhi. It is also a very safe place. The hostel is full of art, colour and vibrancy when looked at its interior and furniture.

To be honest, it’s a very “trendy” hostel. Another unique thing about their interior is that even within the hostel, you will get glimpses of India’s ethnicity and culture through their furniture and artwork.

Living in Moustache Hostel is truly an experience in itself.

By Merlin Chacko

Currently studying English Literature at Delhi University. Obsessed with Harry Potter and NOT Shakespeare. I believe that nothing nourishes the soul like books and travelling. Constantly amazed by the Indian culture and its history. Personally feel that the old forts and ruined palaces in India are almost magical.

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