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Jugaad Hostels

Top 5 Budget Friendly Backpacker Hostels in Delhi

Unlike Mumbai, it’s not very difficult to find a backpacker hostel in Delhi. The only trouble is that the prices are a little more on the costlier side in the capital. But nevertheless, all the best hostels of the country are in Delhi. You might face certain inconveniences in other states’ hostels, but here, everything will be like you want it to be.

It’s better if you don’t look for accommodations in Old Delhi because the atmosphere is much better in New Delhi. So if you want a comfortable stay in the capital, here’s where to look.

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Backpacker Panda

Top 5 Budget Friendly Backpacker Hostels in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams in India. Everyone wants to live here. All the Bollywood celebrities stay here. It can offer you anything from basics to luxury. A very familiar phrase that Indians like to say about Mumbai is that “Mumbai kabhi nahi soti”, which means that Mumbai never sleeps. It is the largest metropolitan city in India, but it has much more to offer than high-rising buildings. Ancient heritage sites, natural beauty, adventure sports and delicious street food: you name it, and this city has it all.

Backpacker hostel was a new idea in India a few years back. But now, with increasing tourism and modernization, the outlook is quickly changing. More and more of such places are popping up. And Mumbai has to be first on the list to do this. So if you want to visit Mumbai soon and are confused where to stay, worry not, because I’m here with five backpacker hostels that are affordable, relaxed and comfortable.

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Park Hyatt Goa

India’s Top 6 Luxurious Hotels, Resorts & Palaces

In India, luxury is defined by royalty. Many international celebrities including members of royal families have opted to spend their time in Indian resorts. The service that you get here is world-class. All the luxury accommodations are built keeping in mind the heritage of the country, and they will make you feel like an ancient Indian king or queen.

Staying at a luxury resort in India is much more than staying in a five-star hotel. It is an experience; an experience to cherish for a lifetime. So if you are ready for it, here are the top 6 places for you.

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