A Local’s Top 5 Places to Enjoy Street Food in Jaipur

When you are planning a trip to another state, country or continent, food is one of the primary factors which helps you decide where to go. Good cuisine gives you an appetite to visit!

If Jaipur is on your travel agenda, then it’s highly recommended you hit the local markets and gobble up the lip-smacking street foods they have to offer. In the lively streets of Jaipur, food locations are ubiquitous, but there are few for which even the gourmets will fall short of words to describe the experience the dishes provide.

Here are 5 vendors that serve the very dishes you are seeking, prepared with utmost care for hygiene and tourists’ gut – without compromising on authentic taste.

1. Masala Tea at Gulab Ji Chaiwala

Photo by Arunkumar Vaithialingam, CC BY-SA 4.0
Masala Chai (tea), Photo by Arunkumar Vaithialingam.

As most of Indians start their day with a cup of tea. Similarly, this popular tea stall of Jaipur located at MI road, the most loved street by tourists in Jaipur, should be the one to begin the list.

Locals and tourists travel long distances to reach here so that they can have the finest tea in the city. The secret ingredients are combined to produce a sensation of relaxation. If you are hungry, you can supplement your cup of tea with buns or samosa which serves a perfect combination for the unique masala tea.

The renowned Gulab ji Chaiwala, is a 70-year-old legacy and makes sure that all the ingredients are pure so there is no space for any health-related complaints.

2. Sanjay’s Omelette

Eggs are healthy and delicious. These two factors are looked after very well by the former contestant of MasterChef India, Mr. Sanjay Sharma. He never fails to satisfy his customers who always expect the best from this place.

Located in Bapu Nagar, a famous market in Jaipur, Sanjay’s Omelette offers a plethora of egg dishes. The touch of egg on parathas, rolls, or burgers make the deliciousness of all these fast foods reach their zenith. The Obama Omelette and the Egg Pizza is the best among all the delicious dishes.

3. Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar

This famous snack spot is located in the hectic Johari Bazaar. You can find most of the specialities of Rajasthan here. The numerous varieties of sweets, prepared in a unique way sets this place apart from the rest.

The Ghewars and Kalakand (milk cakes) are a few of the sweets for which you don’t have to think twice. Other amazing snacks served at LMB (as it is known in the city) are Kachori and Mirchi Vada which satisfies all sorts of cravings.

Every ingredient is pure and preparation is hygienic. So, when shopping for the finest jewellery in Johari Bazaar, do not let hunger stop you, go to LMB and relish upon the delicious sweets and Chaat (street food) they serve!

4. Chicken Tikka at Sethi’s

Photo by Sagar U Shetty, CC BY-SA 4.0
Chicken Tikka. Photo by Sagar U Shetty.

If you think you have eaten the best Chicken Tikka, then you need to visit Sethi’s Bar-Be-Que. Probably, you will realise that all the while, you had been deprived of the heavenly taste of this chicken dish – a must try when in Jaipur.

The spicy dish is served with different flavours of chutney and freshly prepared salad. The menu is donned with more deliciousness too.

5. Panipuri at Chawla’s

Photo by Hari Prasad Nadig, CC BY-SA 2.0
Panipuri. Photo by Hari Prasad Nadig.

Chawla’s is one restaurant which has certainly succeeded in perfecting one of the most popular street food of India, Panipuri. Generally, you don’t have to make many choices at a Panipuri small but this is where the numerous varieties will leave you confused and delighted at the same time.

You can ask for different ingredients at your will and believe me, you will be tempted to try out everything. Panipuri, though enticing to tourists on the streets, is recommended to be beaten in a clean restaurant like Chawla’s instead.

Both, your mood and your stomach will be refreshed as you feast on some of the most delicious dishes of Jaipur by making a visit to any of these popular street food destinations of the Pink City.

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