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Top 5 Exotic Beaches in India

India has a very long coastline, extending to an area of 7,517 kilometres to be exact. This beautiful country is surrounded by water bodies all around. The Bay of Bengal borders India in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south and the Arabian Sea in the west. Given this fact, there is absolutely no […]

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Easiest and Tastiest Masala Chai Recipe w/ Video (Indian Milk Tea)

India runs on the addictive, creamy, and flavoursome masala chai. It’s packed with flavour thanks to 5 or so spices added to it. Luckily there’s an easy way to make authentic masala chai without the pain of buying and grinding all the spices yourself – thanks to Everest’s Tea Masala spice mix. Update: Everest sucks, I’ve […]

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Pickpockets in India and What to Do If It Happens to You

Pickpockets are crafty, it’s an art, and it’s damn annoying if you lose your passport to them! Luckily, in my experience with pickpockets, I didn’t lose that much. I was travelling by the Delhi Metro back to my apartment one night around 6 pm. I walked into the Khan Market Station like I do every […]