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The Best Cheap Eats in Pokhara

The majestic tourist town of Pokhara in Nepal is surrounded by a huge lake, epic mountains, and is filled with over 300 restaurants!

The sheer number of restaurants in such a small town surprised me, and I took it as a challenge to find the best restaurants in Pokhara for you.

As always, I’ll focus on homely places with great food. At the end of the post, you’ll also find all the over-rated places I ate at, as some may interest you.

My favourite places to eat in Pokhara

Vegan Way

Vegan Way’s food is a work of art. The only (not really) negative thing I can say about it is the portion sizes are way too big. So go with an empty stomach. This should be the first place you eat in Pokhara!

Vegan Way’s Three-Cheese Toastie on homemade sourdough. Also, try the Mexican Brekkie, Hummus Plate, and French Toast Stack. रु450.

Dosa Camp

If you’re missing South Indian food, then your pickings are slim in Pokhara. But luckily, one night, my wife and I stumbled upon Dosa Camp.

Dosa Camp serves good-enough Masala Dosas with mint and tomato chutneys – but strangely no sambar.

These Punjabi chefs brought their dosa recipe from their training in Banglore to the streets of Pokhara.
Their Punjabi chefs trained in dosa-making in Bangalore.

New Turkish & Nepali Kitchen Kebap House

The quaint little New Turkish & Nepali Kitchen Kebap House.

Before I arrived in Pokhara, my American friend Steve had already been there for 2 weeks, and this was his top pick near our hostel.

The New Turkish & Nepali Kitchen Kebap House serves fresh, made-to-order Doner Kebabs, Hummus, and Nepali food like Chowmein and Momos.

Their Chicken Doner Kebab is great! It’s not really a Turkish Kebab, but the ingredients are super fresh, and it’s simply tasty. It’s huge too. Just रु250!

The restaurant is run by a cheerful husband and wife duo. It’s an excellent affordable go-to lunch spot.

“Here our family is cooking for you with love.” Exactly the type of places I like to eat at.

The Juicery Lake Centre

Watch the Juicery’s Lake Centre Juice Store creating two masterpieces: The Buzz रु240 & The Mortal Sin रु260.

I love the healthy and naturally sweetened drinks at the Juicery’s Lake Centre. Their drinks are much better than their main restaurant’s food.

Try the Mortal Sin (banana, peanut butter, cacao powder, vanilla, mint, raw honey, buffalo milk) रु260.

I went multiple times and each time the guy that works there really made me happy.

Where to find Bhang Lassi in Pokhara

Bhang Lassi is a drink popular in Nepal & India made of yogurt, nuts, spices, rose water, and cannabis leaves. It’s available at Old Star Restaurant located at the very end of Pokhara lake.

Hot Sandwich Corner & Cheese Shop

Medium size Cheese, Egg, and Chicken “Our Special” sandwich at the Hot Sandwich Corner.

The Hot Sandwich Corner serves delicious sub-style sandwiches. The bread is fresh and not too thick. You can order a large and it’ll feed two people.

Their chai was a little watered down, so skip that.

Phewa Marga Seafood Street

Take a walk down Phewa Marga.

If you want to try some Nepali style prawns and fish, then go to Phewa Marga. It’s a food street that leads down to the lake.

There are many restaurants all serving the same fried fish dishes and Nepali food. Beware, it’s not the cleanest place, but the food looks great!

Many varieties of fish are available on Phewa Marga. You pick the fish and they’ll fry it up for you.

Lake Side ‘Chaat’ Street Food

Lakeside Chaatwale making plates of popular street food snacks.

All along the lake sidewalk, you’ll find women preparing Pani Puri and Bhel for रु70 a plate.

My wife’s plate of Bhel lakeside in Pokhara रु70.

Beware though: It’s not hygienically prepared. For example, you use paper cut from cardboard boxes to eat the Bhel rice puffs.

But if your stomach can handle it, like my wife’s can, then it’s the cheapest and most filling meal available in Pokhara.

Once Upon a Time Restaurant

Once Upon a Time Restaurant serves good Nepali Thakli and good Nepali takes on Indian food like Butter Chicken. Their Butter Chicken Masala was a standout, as was their Daal Fry.

The Thakali are people who originated from the Thak Khola region of the Mustang District in Nepal. While in Nepal you must try their Thakali Khana (a plate of various dishes, called a thali in India).

Nepali Chicken Thakali
The classic Chicken Thakali Khana. Usually made up of Papad, yoghurt, daal, chicken curry, potato sadeko, pickle, chutney, and a few other vegetarian delights.

Frituur No. 1

Frituur’s Vegetarian Burger (front) and Cheese Burger with fries रु500.

Frituur No. 1 serves the best burgers and Belgian fries that I found in Nepal! Enough said.

Lazeez Halal Food

Lazeez Halal Food specialises in Dum Biryani. Chicken Dum Biryani रु495.

Beware of fake biryanis across Nepal! It’s usually just rice fried in curry. It takes a lot of work every day to prepare authentic dum-style biryani.

Lazeez Halal Food is the only place that I found preparing authentic biryani and it tastes as good as it looks!

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Not-so-good places to eat in Pokhara

None of the below restaurants are horrible, they’re just overhyped, and I found the food average. But take a look, as some of them may appeal to you.

Krazy Gecko

The Krazy Gecko has the best outdoor dining experience of any restaurant in Pokhara.

Krazy Gecko is probably the most overhyped place is in Pokhara. It has a fantastic atmosphere and location, but the food is unfortunately average.

As you can see, the location and setup are stunning. You’re transported into another world there.

The Juicery Cafe

The Juicery Cafe’s lake-side location is pretty and bands play there at night too.

The Juicery Cafe is another much-hyped restaurant. They’ve got the juices nailed; they’re perfect and they don’t add extra sugar. But my food left more to be desired. That said, it’s wasn’t too bad, and their lake-side setup is pretty.

Samrat Tandoori Restaurant

Samrat Tandoori Restaurant is there in the centre-left of the street.

I decided to eat at Samrat Tandoori Restaurant because I could see the naan being freshly made from the street. That’s a good sign for me; I can see if they’re preparing the bread well or not. So, the naan was great, but the rest was just average.

Channa Masala रु200 and Garlic Naan रु100.

Kebab King

Kebab King was highly recommended to us by a local. Maybe pre-COVID it was good. But it was one of the worst meals the group of us had.

The Old Lan Hua Chinese Restaurant & Bar

We had a craving for Chinese food and according to locals and Google Maps, The Old Lan Hua Chinese Restaurant is the best Chinese in town.

My foreign friends really enjoyed the meal, but if you’re used to authentic Chinese food or Indian Chinese food, then you’ll be let down by the lack of flavour in all their dishes.

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By Karl Rock

Karl Rock, is a Hindi speaking Kiwi ex-pat who take viewers behind the scenes of incredible India and its neighbours. He has visited every state and union territory in India, and its culturally similar neighbours – Pakistan and Bangladesh, and aims to make others fall in love with India and the subcontinent.

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