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Where to Try Newari Food & King Yoghurt in Bhaktapur

While you’re in Kathmandu, don’t miss the short 13km trip to the cultural city of Bhaktapur.

While in Bhaktapur you must try two things: Newari Cuisine and Juju Dhau.

Read on to find out what these are and the best restaurants to try them at.

In this video, Manisha and I visit Bhaktapur and eat Juju Dhau and Newari food.

Try Newari Cuisine at Newari Kitchen

The Newar are the indigenous people of the Kathmandu Valley and they have their very own unique cuisine that you must try.

Entry to Newari Kitchen, Bhaktapur
Entry to Newari Kitchen, Bhaktapur.

Just before the Bhaktapur ticket booth, you’ll find Newari Kitchen serving traditional Newari food.

Newari Mixed Bara at Newari Kitchen, Bhaktapur
The famous Newari Mixed Bara at Newari Kitchen, Bhaktapur. रु100.

There you should try the famous Bara, a lentil pancake with buffalo and egg.

Another favourite dish to try is Chatamari which is similar to Bara but made of rice flour and looks a little like a pizza.

Try King Yoghurt (Juju Dhau)

Juju Dhau Yoghurt in Bhaktapur
Don’t miss Juju Dhau (King Yoghurt) in Bhaktapur!

Juju Dhau is a local speciality that you’ll find in nearly all stores in Bhaktapur for रु50.

Juju Dhau Storefront in Bhaktapur, Nepal
These Juju Dhau stores are all around Bhaktapur. You can’t miss ’em.

Juju Dhau is special yoghurt served in small clay pots called matka. You’ll find these very clay pots being made at Pottery Square in Bhaktapur.

There are many Juju Dhau stores in Bhaktapur.

You’ll find Juju Dhau in the shops to the right of Newari Kitchen. There are lots of stores selling different portion sizes.

Also don’t miss the best cheap eats in Kathmandu! I’ve covered Pokhara too.

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